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35 Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Everyone Will Fight For That Are $25 Above

35 Best White Elephant Gifts Ideas Everyone Will Fight For That Are $25 Above

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, your family, college friends, or any peer group might be organizing a white elephant gift exchange party where colleagues, families, friends, or even coworkers exchange amazing, fun, and dirty gifts in a get-together. The games are called Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa which usually entails everyone coming with gifts in exchange. Wouldn’t you want to be the one to give the most impressive elephant gift ideas for the party?

These gifts don’t have to be for those who have everything or who do not have anything but they are gifts that are to be exchanged during holiday parties with friends, coworkers, colleagues, etc.

What Are Some White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas That Are From $25 Above?

If your desire is to be the most fun one in the Yankee or dirty swap then no need to stress yourself, our gift guide covers all the unique and useful white elephant gift ideas from $20 and above.

  1. Joe Biden Toilet Paper and Brush With Holder Joker Gift

Joe biden toilet paper

Who at the party wouldn’t want to have this funny gift? This is the type that everyone in the holiday party will literally fight to have. Having president Joe Biden in a toilet paper, brush and holder is priceless and your colleagues, friends, or coworkers would literally run after you to have this gift idea. It can also be used for father’s day gift ideas, birthday gifts, and dirty Santa or Yankee swap.

$10.99 On Amazon

  1. Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

Unique Bamboo Cheese Board

As many holidays continue to unfold, you might be looking for that special unique, and thoughtful gift that will make everyone literally want to have it because that’s the fun of the white elephant gifts swap though. This bamboo cheese board is perfect for a friend’s housewarming party, wedding, white elephant. Imagine a large and thick natural wooden server that you could use to serve your guests. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

$24.96 On Amazon

  1. Gangster Kamala Harris Toilet Paper Roll

3 Gangster Kamala Harris Toilet Paper Roll

Who said that you can’t buy a toilet paper roll that has images of Barack Obama and Joe Biden on it? Well, now you could buy a roll with pictures of Gagster Kamala Harris, the newly elected vice president of the United States. Now is the time to make fans chuckle and wants to have it so no one else has their fav in their toilet bin.

$11.99 On Amazon

  1. LOVINSUNSHINE Super Soft Elephant Blanket

4. LOVINSUNSHINE Super Soft Elephant Blanket
Nothing says happy birthday like a sleeping giant blanket. A perfect white elephant blanket is the perfect way to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to your loved one with a soft, floral design that adds a sense of warmth and unity. Everyone loves a good blanket and when you’re planning a special day or anniversary it’s nearly impossible to find the perfect gift for yourself. Get your friends to rush you like crazy dying to have this gift in your Yankee gift swap party.

$30.99 On Amazon

  1. Oster Rechargeable and Cordless Wine Opener

oster rechargeable and cordless wine opener
Best wine opener on the market – choose oster reusable and cordless wine opener. According to its inventor, Michael Felger, Oster is revolutionizing the way people serve themselves to wine. Made from medical-grade stainless steel, the wine opener features a unique design that allows it to be used over and over again without scratching or destroying the case. This is just one of the many ideas for the best white elephant gift box that you could give someone.

$29.99 On Amazon

  1. Silver Color Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Here’s a great white elephant gift idea for your loved one. It’s a sandwich maker that makes the ultimate morning sandwich. No one will believe that it’s made from an old Wi-Fi router and a gold tooth. It’s a nice touch that makes this gift easy to see through. The silver Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker sets a new standard for classic hot chocolate makers. The smooth design blends into any decor or table setting.

$24.99 On Amazon

  1. Party Game Drunk Stoned or Stupid

drunk stoned or stupid

Who’s Most Likely To… is a card game for those who like cards. Each player takes turns revealing cards from the top of the deck until they fill up their hands, then each player names a card from the bottom of the deck and deals it to their opponent.

$18 On Amazon

  1. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Camping Double

wise Owl outfiters

Hammock camping is hands-down the best way to spend a relaxing holiday relaxing in nature with friends or family while experiencing the magic of hammock camping. Because unlike other types of camping where you must get up and move around each time you want to rest or eat dinner, you are free to choose when and where you want to sleep. That’s why we decided to give you our list of possible white elephant gifts that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

$26.95 On Amazon

  1. 6 oz Classic Size, 2 Pcs Glass with Gold Accents & Premium Gift Box

6 oz Classic Size, 2 Pcs Glass with Gold Accents & Premium Gift Box

Chambong is an elegant gift for anyone interested in the finer things in life. By combining three different products that are champagne-themed and champagne fresh, Chambong creates an elegant and fun gift that will be treasured for years to come. The champagne fresh product is perfect for men who are on the hunt for a gift that will stay true to its source while still also reflecting innovation and style.

$36.99 On Amazon

  1. If You Had to and Who Can Do It Party Game

If You Had to and Who Can Do It

If you think you know everyone, you may find these games particularly helpful. You can play with random people on your team or against some computer players. Everyone starts with the same cards and occasionally cards are moved around to suit each player’s needs. It’s fun, fast and who doesn’t like a good game of Trivial Pursuit?

$45 On Amazon

  1. Mug Dating Gift For Her

Willcallyou Gifts For Wife From Husband

While there are many white elephant gifts out there, these three favorite designs are perfect for any occasion, unique to their purpose as it only comes from a hubby to a queen who deserves it. The funny heart is a wonderful addition to any coffee table. They condense years of love and passion into a single memorable gift that your loved one will love.

$14.99 On Amazon

  1. Waist Pocket Funny Gag Gift

Waist Pocket Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas, White Elephant Gift Exchange

Dad Bag Funny Gifts-3D Men Beer Belly Waist Packs, Waist Pocket Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas: A truly funny gift for fathers everywhere. These are those types of gifts that don’t seem to fit into any category but are just as good (if not better) than the traditional mass-produced items. These unusual items are plentiful during the hard times and are sure to keep anyone smiling throughout the year.

$11.34 On Amazon

  1. Mr. Predicto Plastic Fortune Telling Ball

Mr. Predicto Plastic Fortune Telling Ball

For years, fathers have been using fortune-telling balls to predict the future. Today, fathers want to know more about their future. The fatherly instinct tells many men that the world is going to end on September 23. The staff of the mythical ball offers up a variety of omens. That makes this Predicto gift perfect and fun for Yankee gift swap parties.

$14.95 On Amazon

  1. Ceramic Elephant Succulent Planter Pots

Ceramic Elephant Succulent Planter Pots

These Ceramic Elephant Succulent Planter Pots are perfect for anyone who wants to create a masterpiece in their backyard. These eight individually wrapped, full-size baby pots are the perfect gift for a toddler or child entering their teenage years.

Kids will love the fact that these pots are uncannily realistic in appearance and will be sure to get a kick out of the zombie decoration on one side or the vibrant floral pattern on the other.

$35.99 On Amazon

  1. Brings Magic into Reality With Flynova Pro

Flying Toy That Brings Magic into RealityThe Flynova Pro Flying Toy That Brings Magic into Reality is a gift that will be treasured by children and adults alike. The perfect white elephant gift for your loved one.

Giving a gift that can’t be bought makes it all the more meaningful. White elephants are usually a gift that only a few people will get to enjoy. The experience of opening that package can be so overwhelming, you may forget how grateful you are.

$33.99 On Amazon

  1. Happy Magic Trick Set For Kids

happy magic tricks setHappy Magic is all about making the magic come alive for kids. The best way to do that is by creating a kit like the one pictured above. Kids will love learning sleight-of-hand and other tricks with cards they can play with their parents or guests. While each piece in the set is very useful, I love how matching colors and textures create a visually amazing display.

$29.99 On Amazon

  1. People of Walmart.com Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring book

The layout of this book is a little off, but the story it tells is delightful.  The book is full of colorful characters and will be a favorite among kids who are into books about animals.

Kids will love coloring in this book and using the different colored pens to draw pictures of the animals on the different pages.

$10.99 On Amazon

  1. Your Argument is Irrelephant

Your Argument is Irrelephant White Glitter TumblerYou’re not alone if you want something that looks really cool and is going to be seen as an awesome gift for someone. White elephant gifts can seem like a great option since everyone wants something that will be appreciated and will never be seen as a trifle. This is not an exception to give this “your arguments are Irrelephant.

$17.99 On Amazon

  1. Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Chillers

Golf Ball Shaped Whiskey Chillers

It’s the perfect gift for the whiskey enthusiast in your life, a perfect way to enjoy your favorite drink while also showing them how much you care. Each cocktail includes a small bag that holds your favorite glass and a three-four pairing of ice. The creation of this kit was inspired by all of the great whiskey bar exhibitors I’ve had the chance to hang out with over the years.

$34.99 On Amazon

  1. Personalized Elephant Coffee Mug

Personalized Elephant Coffee MugSuch a gorgeous mug with the name of your company engraved into it would surely make a meaningful impression on any customer. But you can also get elephants in different colors or designs for the base price of $18.99 with the personalized add-on.

$18.99 On Amazon

  1. Suck My Cookbook

Suck My Cookbook Clean Recipes for Dirty Minds

Suck My Cookbook: Clean Recipes for Dirty Minds is a coloring book that will help you learn how to cook healthy meals without all of the distractions. Cooking is probably one of the most difficult and personal things to do in life, so having a fun creative outlet is helpful to your receiver.

$15.95 On Amazon

  1. White Elephant Party Kit

White Elephant Party KitWhite elephant gifts make great family-themed gifts or even something that you can give to someone who really doesn’t need anything. Swapping useless presents for a valuable new purchase can be a great way to get someone motivated about investing in something. It’s a beautiful game that can be shared in memory at family and social gift exchange parties during the holidays.

$19.99 On Amazon

  1. Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker

Ceramic Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Have you ever wanted to leave your mark on someone else’s life? A gift that will forever be treasured and remembered? The Ceramic Magnolia Gift Set is exactly what you need. The Magnolia Set includes a Magnolia (10 cm) red edible container, 10 Magnolia (10 cm) black edible containers, 2 Magnolia (10 cm) white edible trays, and 2 Magnolia (5 cm) glass votive candle holders. These unique special items are luxuries rarely found outside of an antique shop or an estate sale.

$15.99 On Amazon

  1. Personalized Mom & Me Baking Christmas Tree Ornament

Personalized Mom & Me Baking Christmas Tree Ornament

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than making gifts. What could be better than fresh baked goods and a wonderful story to go with it? 

This is a thoughtful gift that brings a smile to your recipient’s face knowing they are going to love it as much as you do. Mom & Me Baking Christmas Tree Ornament is both of these things. A thoughtful and ridiculous gift idea for someone that really cares about you (and me!). 

$15.95 On Amazon

  1. Stop Dog Barking Device

Handheld Ultrasonic Stop Dog Barking Device

White Noise is an award-winning line of dog training devices designed to give your pup the focus he or she needs while reducing distractions and helping them learn more about the world around them. 

Whether your pup needs quiet time or is jogged into the nearest place of business, White Noise can help. The handheld ultrasonic STOP Dog BARKING Device features 16.4 feet of range and 2 levels of sensitivity — low (0 dB) and high (100 dB).

$80 On Amazon

  1. BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant

Grill Heat Aid BBQ Gloves Heat Resistant

Grill Heat Aid is a premium quality cooking accessory to protect your hands when you are cooking. Heat Aid features a premium suede palm rest, thick rubber grip, and cast iron skillet for added safety and durability. Combination tool and cooking utensil holder. You wouldn’t want your gift to be boring and deniable but make everyone rush to receive it.

$38.99 On Amazon

  1. Electric Stand Mixer

Multifunction Electric Stand Mixer for Baking with Tilt HeadGet the best of both worlds with this compact, multi-functional electric stand mixer. It features an anti-skate feature and tilt head that allow you to mix the dough and pour the batter with ease. Plus, its capacity of 600 watts makes it safer for you and your family than most conventional appliances. This is the White Elephant gift that everyone will want to have in their home.

$89.99 On Amazon

  1. White Elephant iPhone Case

Elephant Phone Case

We all love gadgets and the latest fashion trend, but most of us have ignored the white elephant in the room – the expensive item that everyone wants but no one wants to buy. 

This is where Gorge Cases Phone Case for Motorola Moto ONE Fusions comes in. It’s a perfect gift for anyone who wants a smartphone with great design but no storage space – or a smartphone that fits in their pocket but doesn’t look too out of place.

$16 On Amazon

  1. Preprinted Mimosa Bar Supplies Decorations Kit

Preprinted Mimosa Bar Supplies Decorations Kit

Mimosa bars are great gifts for any occasion. Whether it’s for your favorite special someone or just for yourself, getting a bar can tell the world that you care about them. The recipient will sense how much you care and how much fun you’ve had…

$19.95 On Amazon

  1. Pimple Popper Toys

Pimple Popping Toy Popper Remover Stop Picking Your Face

Make April 1st the day you stop picking your face. Check out these white elephant gifts available only to adults. The best white elephant gift ideas that everyone will rush to have are those which immerse the giver into a quirky and amusing experience. And this is a symbol of such amusement.

$13.98 On Amazon

  1. Flippy Dragon Eye-Popping

Flippy Dragon Eye Popping Large Green Squishy

The Flippy Dragon Eye-popping toy is an excellent metaphor for the human tendency to create and then immediately discard ideas. It’s a beautiful toy to give during a dirty swap party and make the receiver ever shy and keep the memory of the event.

$14.99 On Amazon

  1. Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Live Green Mound Juniper Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Have you ever wanted a miracle on your doorstep? A perfect tree that never grows old or loses beauty? Well, you’re in luck! Our miracle on your doorstep is Brussel’s Living Green Mound, a 3-year-old bonsai tree that blooms beautifully each year during our hardwood shortage. A true significant gift idea for your friends.

$26.99 On Amazon

  1. Julienne + Dicer for Vegetables

Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer

Give the gift of fresh vegetables this year with these fridge-fresh white elephant gift ideas. The Dash Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer makes weekend meals look effortlessly delicious. Get this and watch everyone strive to have it in a gift swap party.

$49.65 On Amazon

  1. Bonsai Tree Seeds Kit

Bamboo Plant Markers

These gifts are perfect for anyone looking to get into the growing hobby, or for those who already enjoy it and want to expand their collection.  The most valuable white elephant in this collection is a bonsai tree seed kit.

$19.96 On Amazon

  1. Polyresin Elephant Figurine Home Decor

Polyresin Elephant Figurine Home Decor

Artisans Nordic Modern Polyresin Elephant Figurine Home Decor will offer high-quality resin statue options for your holiday wish list to start preparing for the next Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa.

$32.96 On Amazon

What is a White Elephant gift?

A white elephant gift is a large, expensive gift that no one really wants. It’s a Hazard to the economy of the recipient (unless it’s stolen). A good white elephant is something that no one would miss if it were gone. This is why it’s a good idea to think about gift ideas for white elephants when creating your wishlist. The reverse of a white elephant is also true.

White elephant gifts are those rare and unique items that make perfect gifts for someone on your list. They may be something as simple as a thank-you note, or something more meaningful like their favorite book or a special ticket to a favorite place. They may even be something you dreamed about or hoped for, but couldn’t quite plan out the perfect gift for. There are some things that just make perfect sense to give as white elephant gifts.


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