Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget - Very Small Bedroom Ideas

Top 15 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget – Very Small Bedroom Ideas

I spent a couple of hours finding the best small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget and I found out one can design their home on a real tight budget even with the smallest space. I hope it will help you make an easy but also pretty design at a low cost. This top 12 list is not in order of importance as they’re all awesome!

Before starting your design project, determine what you can afford to spend and make a list of priorities. This will help you stay within budget and make the most of your investment.

It’s always a dilemma when it comes to decorating bedrooms and trying to come up with cheap and very small bedroom ideas on a budget. It’s especially true if you have a small room which can be hard to decorate due to space.

15 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you want to decorate your bedroom but don’t want to spend a fortune, take a look at our small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget guide. This guide would show you the best cheapest alternative, very small bedroom ideas.

1. Measure The Space And Make A Floor Plan

Measure The Space And Make A Floor Plan

First of all, if you are going to do any bedroom decorating yourself, you need to make a floor plan first. Measure the space and make a floor plan. Start by measuring the length and width of the space that you have to work with. 

Then draw a floor plan that shows where all of the major furniture pieces will go. This way, you’ll know exactly how much floor space each piece of furniture will take up. You can also include other items, like a bedside table or a reading chair, on your floor plan as well.

2. Use Furnishings You Already Own

Use Furnishings You Already Own

When it comes to decorating, one of the best money-saving tricks is to use furniture that you already own. Start your renovation by looking around your home for furnishings that you already own. 

Look at the sofas and chairs in the living room and dining room. Look at the family room, den, and kitchen for extra furniture items that you don’t currently use. These furnishings can be easily moved into the bedroom if you want or need more space for guests who are staying with you.

3. Paint The Walls In A Bright Color

Paint The Walls In A Bright Color
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Paint is one of the most expensive things when it comes to interior décor, but it doesn’t have to be. Pick your favorite colors in paint and other décor accents for the room. This will make the room appear bigger than it really is and will give your home some personality too!

Lighter shades of paint tend to make a room appear larger. Try white or light yellow if you have a small bedroom. Use bright or bold colors in pillows, drapes, and other decorative pieces if you want to add some life to the room. Choose softer shades of blue if you want to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and comfortable.

4. Use A Multi-Compartment Wardrobe

Multi-Compartment Wardrobe
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Homeowners with limited square footage usually have built-in wardrobes but if you are renting or are lucky enough to have an extra wardrobe then consider using a multi-compartment unit. This will save floor space and maximize the available storage space.

A multi-compartment wardrobe is also one of the best small bedroom design ideas. With a few compartments, you can have clothes for different seasons and occasions all in one room. This is especially useful if you live in a smaller home or apartment and do not have as much storage space for different purposes.

5. Keep Artwork Simple And Neutral

Keep Artwork Simple And Neutral
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Artwork can break up the visual monotony of a color scheme, while a bold piece can bring the space together. No matter how smart you are with color and layering, the design of your room will be limited by the size of the space.

So, it’s best to keep it as clean and clutter-free as possible. A small bedroom can feel claustrophobic if there’s too much going on, so make sure that your most important pieces go in first.

6. Use A Bold Wallpaper Pattern

Use A Bold Wallpaper Pattern
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Many wallpaper patterns are very small and subtle to make them easily completable. However, you can use a bold wallpaper pattern to create a focal point in your living room.

Use a bold wallpaper pattern if you want to make your room look interesting! Use simple colors with these wallpapers and make them unique.

In the modern world of interior design, wallpaper is the standout feature that can transform a room. But there’s no need to go overboard. You should focus on one or two bold wallpaper patterns and keep the rest of the room plain.

7. Hang Lights On All Four Walls

wall lights
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Hanging lights on all four walls of the room is a great way to bring the light in and improve the feel of your bedroom. If you only have one window, then hang at least two lights that can be placed opposite each other. This will give you more light and make your home look brighter.

400;”>Thoughtful design is essential for every great room, but when planning your lighting layout, one thing to keep in mind is that lighting should be an integral part of the design, not an afterthought.

8. Hang A Wall-Mounted Headboard

Wall-Mounted Headboard
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Treat yourself to a beautiful new bed frame. You’ll find that your decorating options are endless when you have a wall-mounted headboard. You can choose something simple and classic or go bold. If you want to put your own custom stamp on your new headboard. 

A black matte finish goes with any decor, as does white. Or for something more colorful, choose red or yellow for a more modern look. If you want to spend some little bucks on a more finished look, you can buy a ready-made panel like this one from Amazon, which costs around $398. But if you’re on a budget, building your own is an affordable, unique option that will really make your space stand out.

9. Try Wall Curtains

Try Wall Curtains
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The advantages of using a wall curtain to decorate your bedroom are that they are cheap, easy to hang, and can be changed easily if you get tired of the look. It is also easier to install than a conventional curtain because it does not require any heavy-duty hardware.

Curtains also help to make your room warm and retain a good temperature. Over time, curtains can become outdated or even torn. If you’re looking for ways to update your home with affordable options, consider wall curtains as a possible solution.

10. Use Floor Lamps As Overhead Lighting

Floor Lamps As Overhead Lighting
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Using floor lamps to light a room instead of overhead lighting can create a more intimate, relaxed mood. You can position the lamps in different areas and angles so that they light specific areas or your entire room.

Floor lamps offer you the freedom to control overhead lighting, which makes them an attractive alternative. They’re also versatile since you can move them around to different areas in your house and change their height accordingly. 

And they cast light on more areas than overhead lighting, so they’re a good investment if you want to light more than just one spot in your house and save money decorating your bedroom space.

11. Use The Few Objects

This tip is so obvious that it’s easy to miss. Yet, it’s amazing how often people overlook this simple step. If you can find a way to tell the same story with fewer objects, you’ll be able to tell a better story, faster.

You can make a space feel larger by filling it with as many objects as possible, or you can make a space feel cozy and intimate by limiting the number of objects. If your room is small and you want to keep that feeling, limit your decorations and furnishings to a few carefully chosen items.

12. Keep Clutter Levels In Check

When you’re decorating a small bedroom, the last thing you want is for the space to look cluttered. The easiest way to do this is to keep clutter levels in check. 

That doesn’t mean you need to throw away everything that isn’t essential, but it does mean keeping a lid on things so that you can move around and make the most of the space you have.

Larger furniture pieces are great for creating division between areas in a small bedroom, but they can also contribute to visual clutter if they’re not placed carefully. 

Arrange your larger furniture items around the periphery of your room, where there’s already more “breathing space.” Then replace any smaller items with multi-functional pieces that can serve multiple purposes. 

13. Store Things Out Of Sight

Look for places to store things out of sight. It can be tempting to place all your decorative items on display in your bedroom so everyone can see them, but this can make the room feel cluttered and uninviting. 

Think about where you can hide things away behind doors or curtains so they are not as noticeable. This will keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy, even if it is full of things.

14. Use Empty Corners

Another tiny bedroom furniture idea is to make use of empty corners. This can be done by placing some little furniture in those empty corners that seem unuseful.

For example, if you have a lot of books and nowhere else to keep them, then you can put some small shelf on an unused corner, in order to create some extra space for your books.

Another example is that you can place a small table in the corner with a light on it, and on the table, you can put a few plants or a light flower.

15. Use Vertical Storage Solutions

Vertical storage system
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So, what do you do if your small bedroom has no closet? You can still have a great storage solution. Try using vertical space by hanging wire shelving for small items like socks and ties. Then hang a long, thin, clear plastic container on the wire shelves to house gloves, sun shades, scarves, and hats.

If you are female, you can also use some vertical storage space to store your undies, your makeup, and other relevant stuff from the reach of a visitor.


How Can I Decorate A Small Room On a Low Budget?

To decorate your small room on a low budget, try these very small bedroom ideas that can save you money.

  1. Measure The Space And Make A Floor Plan
  2. Use Furnishings You Already Own
  3. Paint The Walls In A Bright Color
  4. Use A Multi-Compartment Wardrobe
  5. Keep Artwork Simple And Neutral
  6. Use A Bold Wallpaper Pattern
  7. Hang lights on all four walls
  8. Hang A Wall-Mounted Headboard
  9. Try Wall Curtains
  10. Use Floor Lamps As Overhead Lighting

How Can I Decorate My Small Bedroom Without Spending Money?

One of the best ways to decorate your small bedroom without spending a dime is to start with what you have. Start with the furniture you have already and get creative about it.

How Do You Make A Small Bedroom Look Nice?

You can make your small bedroom look nice by being very creative about space management then apply the following very small bedroom ideas to your decoration patterns.

  1. Measure The Space And Make A Floor Plan
  2. Use Furnishings You Already Own
  3. Paint The Walls In A Bright Color
  4. Use A Multi-Compartment Wardrobe
  5. Keep Artwork Simple And Neutral
  6. Use A Bold Wallpaper Pattern
  7. Hang lights on all four walls
  8. Hang A Wall-Mounted Headboard
  9. Try Wall Curtains
  10. Use Floor Lamps As Overhead Lighting


I hope that these very small bedroom ideas help you get the best out of your bedroom. A bedroom is the best place to spend your time. This room gives us ultimate relaxation. A bedroom is where we get the hardest time and it is a place where you need to relax after the hard day’s work. To give a relaxing effect on you, decorating a bedroom plays a major role and without complete decor, a bedroom looks nothing.