Home Inspired 60 Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Every Guy In Your Life To Say How Much You Love Him

60 Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Every Guy In Your Life To Say How Much You Love Him

60 Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Every Guy In Your Life To Say How Much You Love Him

Every season has its own source and whether you’re looking to surprise someone this season of love, it’s still important you look for perfect Valentine’s day gift ideas for him. It doesn’t have to be something roadside or personalized – But considering perfect Valentine’s day gifts for guys would make you prepare ahead of the V-day.

People tend to ask what kind of gifts do guys like for valentine’s day…It’s possible to be a victim too – either you’re getting a gift for your husband, boyfriend, or any guy in your life, this list of valentine gift ideas is still perfect enough to select from.

Either it’s your husband whom you’ve spent half of your years in marriage and you feel like you need to renew vows during valentines day, or just a cute boyfriend or fiance or perhaps your friend whom you drive together from college – you will still find good and cute valentine’s day gifts for him.

Without mincing words, here is the list of best Valentine’s day gift ideas for him in 2021 as Updated

We’ve handpicked, selected, and reviewed this list of unique, cute, and quality romantic Valentines’ day gift for any guy in your life to say how much you love them.

Are you looking for a phenomenal gift for him this Valentine’s Day? This list of unique items will be sure to have you scoring points with your lover this holiday.

1. Under Armour Men’s Coldgear

under armour mens coldgearThis is a new arrival and has not been popular anywhere. Under Armour just designed this one for 2021 and is the first to use it as a valentines day present will speak volume of love to your receiver.

It’s a good choice especially during rainy days or during the snow. It provides comfort and lofty insulation with quilting that traps heat but also allows air to pass through it so you’re not discomforted…

$179.99 On Amazon

2. Lparkin Drive Safe Keychain

drive safe handsomeBe sure to remind him of your love for him on his daily drive and every time he goes to grab his keys, he’ll be reminded of your love for him and to be safe on his journey to always come back home to his love with this keychain.


$9.62 On Amazon

3. 3PCS Guitar Picks

If you have a musical, guitar-loving significant other, these guitar picks are the perfect pick for him.

Going crazy and obsessed about a fun gift idea isn’t a bad idea at all and you could be so personalized to complement his hobby if he’s a guitar type or a musician on any scale by cheering him up with this “I Pick You” printed steel.

$8.99 On Amazon

4. CraveBox Care Package

muscle massage gunFor the hard-working man in your life, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this muscle massage gun and the added bonus is he’ll probably let you borrow it once in a while or added bonus if he uses it on you!

This is an all-around product that can be used for multiple purposes. If he’s a gym guy, he can use it on his friends at the gym too, or use it to give you a body massage at home or vice versa.

$129.99 On Amazon

5. CraveBox Care Package

craveboxThe foodie in your life will enjoy this crave box full of delicious snacks. It is full of assortment and will have a positive impact on your boyfriend, husband, or just a male friend who’s receiving this from you as Valentine’s gift.

You can count on this 45 count care package which includes a mixture of sweets, salties, savory, and healthy snacks fully assorted.

$25.45 On Amazon

6. FlexBrew Trio Coffee Maker

coffee makerIf your boyfriend is a coffee maker, this gift can be exceptionally out of the box and creative.

He’d appreciate you for this widely reviewed coffee maker that enables anyone in your life to make coffee in a few minutes.


$99.00 On Amazon

7. Wear To Match Hoodies for Kings and Queens

King and queen wear to match hoodieAre you a couple, are you the I love my boyfriend or husband and loves uniforms? For the couple that loves to match, you will absolutely look stunning to remind everyone that you are each other’s “king and queen”.

Then this new age design is perfect to gift him on this beautiful day of lovers as a couple who will surely be hanging out on a date. It can be used on vacation, hangouts, beach outings, etc.

$49.95 On Amazon

8. Beard Growing Kit

beards growing kitIf you are his fiancée or a hubby and you love to see those long beards all over his face, then this is a perfect V-day gift idea to tell him you loved them and he should stop trimming them.

Besides, beards are trending right now so if your lover is sporting the beard, be sure to love up on that beard by giving him all the beard essentials with this beard grooming kit.


$14.44 On Amazon

9. Pocket Knife For Him

best boyfriend ever knifeNothing shows I love you more than an essential must-have pocket-knife that he will be sure to want to wear every one with a special message just for him and a keychain to match reminding him that “you love him more.”

This knife and the prints are availably personalized for any man in your life. Are you gifting it to your dad, your hubby, your boyfriend, grandpa, or your son? Then this still makes a good Valentine’s day gift idea for him. Be sure to check the right one for the right person on amazon’s page or choose the un-personalized one with “I Love You More” text.

$22.50 On Amazon

10. Whiskey Decanter Set For Him

wiskey decanter setThis gift will be a sure conversation starter and is a unique work of art if you are looking for that one unique gift, a skilled artisan’s hand-blown masterpiece.



$43.99 On Amazon

11. AX Armani Exchange Watch

Armani exchange stainlessA thoughtful gift indeed for a father, uncle, boyfriend, or husband on a day that love is shared, spread, and spent. If you’re looking for good Valentine’s day gifts for him, then this wristwatch is what you’ll actually be happy and fun to see him with during and after Valentine’s day.

It’s cute, high quality, and made for durability. It also comes with different colors and attachments to fit your preferences. You get to make the choices for your hubby and make him look special for you.

$147.00 On Amazon

12. Magnetic Levitating Globe

magnetic globeThis unique Levitating Globe with LED light is perfect for a man with special interests, something he can display in his office, in his bookshelf, or on display to show off to all his friends.

It has multiple use cases and would be loved to receive by any man in your life who’s a working-class or just loves to decorate his home.


$36.99 On Amazon

13. Cocktail Mixology Bartender Accessory Kit

cocktail mixology shakerHave one who loves bartending for his loved ones and entertaining at home. Help him with the hostess with the mostest with this 16 piece bartender set.

This bar accessories kit is a combination of different bar equipment which also comes with a cocktail shaker and a detailed recipes book.

$46.56 On Amazon

14. A Docking Station – Gadget Organizer

If you’re really looking for non-cheesy Valentine’s gifts for him, then this docking station is a good choice as it serves great purposes especially when on vacations or traveling for every man.

Help keep him organized with this wood-docking station to keep all his phone and keys in one place. Organizing his life shouldn’t cost a lot and this is just an example of affordable necessary equipment.

$56.80 On Amazon

15. Geometric Ceramic Planter

Planters Geometric CeramiIf your boyfriend or husband, uncle or dad, son, or just a male friend is the type that loves gardening or just loves decorating the house with beautiful flowers and roses, then this ceramic planter is a brainer for him.

He’d be amazed how thoughtful you are to have personalized his gifts based on his special interest, expertise, and lifestyle.


$52.88 On Amazon

17. Personal Sleep Routine Sunrise Alarm Clock

sound machineDoes he love to have a cool sleep and have the time to wake up when he wants to a beautiful sunrise alarm clock? Is he an employee and have a schedule to catch up?

This beautiful gadget combines design and natural color artisans to bring the beauty of sunrise into a wake reminder alarm clock and can be used as different gift ideas including birthdays, graduation, or given as employee appreciation gifts.

$129.95 On Amazon

18. Grilled BBQ Wooden Case Holder

Treat him to a special personalized wooden case holder for his bbq grill set.

It can be customized to bear his name on it with other BBQ accessories to aid his passion for grilled chicken. It’s such a unique gift idea to gift to a father, husband, boyfriend, or any male friend in your life for any special occasion of your life.

$69.99 On Amazon

19. You are My Sunshine Music Box

This is one of its kind in the gifts ideas. A very thoughtful and inspiring gift to gift to a boyfriend on Valentine’s day or other special days of his life. It’s a unisex gift that can be used by anyone irrespective of agenda and it’s durable and high quality.

A sweet and sentimental gift is this vintage cute music box that plays you are my sunshine.


$12.98 On Amazon

20. Dare and Fun Conversation Starter for Lovers

flirting, dare fun and romantic game for couplesValentine’s day is a day to share the love right? A day to be romantic all over, a day of notice, remarkable and full of passion. Ordinarily, conversions help to build a relationship to maximum trust standard.

Looking for a more flirty game to play with him? This fun and romantic game for couples is just the thing you are wanting.

$24.50 On Amazon

21. Colorful Musical Bluetooth Beanie

Valentines day gift ideasIt washable and easy to assemble, it is made with acrylic and polyester and is soft and breathable. It’s a very thoughtful idea for him, especially during valentine’s day. It also comes with a built-in rechargeable LiPO battery to use all day long.

This awesome gift goes for both males and females and most especially when the receiver is a full-time gamer and loves music.

$20.99 On Amazon

22. A New Breathable Underwear

loom men breathable underwearsDo you care so much about his undies? Maybe it’s high time you don’t only say it but show it by going underneath him to keep him clean and renewed with this multicolored breathable underwear for any man in your life. 



$10.78 On Amazon

23. Jack Black Clean Team Set

Gift Ideas for menThis is a beautiful set of cleaning equipment for gym guys. If your hubby or any receiver is a gym guy, a golfer, or a footballer per se, this set is a brainer gift idea for valentine’s day.



$25.00 On Amazon

24. Jerky Bites Box

We all know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Make sure to make romance tastier with this jerky box in a heart-shaped box.

Get him these knee-weakening 10 pieces flavors of jerky bites masquerading as chocolate in a sappy, heart-shaped box.

$44.99 On Amazon

25. All Natural Bath and Body Luxury Spa

Natural Bath and body luxury spaAfter having a very stressful day and returning home to a spa moment, remind him with this valentines gift that you care so much and understands how stressful some days can be and always be there to relieve him of the stress even when you’re physically not there but by this luxury gift idea.



$25.99 On Amazon

26. Amazon Gift Card In A Gift Box

Amazon Gift card in a gift boxBe intentional in your gift ideas and don’t sound annoying – Do you have a target item you’d want to gift him but skeptical if he’d like it or not? Perhaps he’s a difficult type? Then maybe this will be more romantic than you know. Gift him a $1000 Amazon Gift Card delivered in a gift box right to his doorsteps for Valentine.

He can use it to shop for anything of his choice on Amazon and you wouldn’t worry anymore about if he’d love your gift idea or not.

$25.00 On Amazon

27. Gourmet Nut Gift Basket With Red Ribbon

gourmet nut gift basketFor added bonus points, add a gourmet gift basket with 4 signature delicious nuts. Add a little note just from you to make it extra special and personal, “I’m nutty about you.” We love being a little punny!

Hahaha, this would be fun right? You’re going to have a whole beautiful moment all night long after receiving this gift from you.

$19.95 On Amazon

28. Whiskey Glass Set

whiskeyNo doubts, your hubby or receiver loves alcohol and this perfect Whiskey glass set will be a brainer for him. Give him the best of the best with this top-notch whiskey glass set, a perfect gift for any occasion.



$34.95 On Amazon

29. Addidas Men Slides

Addidas shower slides whoeYou love the Addidas’s brand, right? Everyone does for the quality of products they produce and the brand it has built and maintained for a long time which provides trust from customers.

These adilette shower slides will be perfectly appreciated when given as Valentine gifts to him.

$16.09 On Amazon

30. Smartwatch Tracker

We all hear the “I love you” when our significant other says, “be safe” or “stay healthy” so help him to take care of his health this Valentine’s Day with this smartwatch for Android phones, a fitness tracker.

With the built-in 210mAh battery capacity, your hubby can of using it for 8 hours consecutively.

$19.99 On Amazon

31. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds bluetoothSpoil him this Valentine’s Day with these wireless Bluetooth headphones. This Bluetooth is powerful to have come with 120 hours of playtime battery capacity to give him a week-long of unstoppable music with smart soft-touch control and noise-canceling effect.

It’s built-in with a 2-way mic to receive calls, make calls, do live zoom or skype calls, etc.

$29.99 On Amazon

32. Magnetic Levitating Floating Wireless LED Light Bulb

Is he the man who has everything? then, a unique LED levitating desk lamp would speak more volume than getting him some boring gifts.

It’s the best tech toy for office decoration, home, and bedside lights any man who believes or thinks he has everything will fall in love with.


$99.99 On Amazon

33. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime MembershipIs he really the type of man whom you believe has everything? Then Amazon Prime membership will be a brainer for him. He can stay updated with Amazon originals, TV series, free shipping on Prime eligible items on Amazon and so much more.



Start 30 Days Free Trial

34. Baby Groot Succulent Planter

Have a significant other who is a Marvel fan and loves succulents? This baby Groot succulent is a great way to let them love both at the same time. It can be used to decorate the house, office, and gaming PlayStations.


$17.99 On Amazon

35. Funky Crew Funny Socks

unisex funky crew socksAnd for the male nurse, you can add these graphic socks to go along with their coffee cup and wine tumbler. Add a bag of ground coffee in the coffee cup, a bottle of wine to go with the wine tumbler, the socks, and a heart-shaped box of chocolates with a heartfelt note.



$6.99 On Amazon

36. Before and After Patient Personalized Coffee Mug for Med Staff

Before patients after patiences 11 oz coffee mugIf you have a significant other who works in any type of medical field, it is always difficult to find gifts pertaining to their careers that are “manly” but we want to share these mugs with you for “before and after” patients.

This mug will speak volumes of love and concerns to his job and the stress it entails. This is a perfect valentine’s gift to gift to your lover on this special day of love. It can be mixed with other gift ideas.

$27.95 On Amazon

37. Smart Wine Scanner

Every wine-lover in the world needs one of these and if your lucky, maybe he’ll let you use it too as it gives you all the relevant information about your wine when you scan it.

It’s a very powerful tool that anyone will love or if he’s a regular vacationist, then it would be okay to always go with this not to take any wine unexpectedly especially if he’s on a diet, drug, or some beverage restrictions.

$99.00 On Amazon

38. Clocky Waki Waki Alarm Clock

alarm clockerWhat man isn’t a big kid who still loves toys at heart? This clocky wheel robot clock will let him be responsible but in a fun sort of way. 

The robot can be automated to jump around the room to make sure that he wakes up no matter how important the sleep might look like. Is he a deep sleeper? The clocky robot has a louder volume settings to push him down from the bed.

$39.99 On Amazon

39. Gangster Mug Shots

Mug ShotsThese mug shot glasses of America’s most notorious gangstas are perfect for the person in your life who has an obsession with Criminal Justice and True Crime. 

This is a juicy gift idea for your boyfriend, husband, dad, uncle, son, or just a male friend in your life on their special day or Valentine’s day.

$16.95 On Amazon

40. Beer 2 Go Vacuum Insulated

You have a man that has everything and can’t figure out what to get him? This Beer2Go Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Stainless Steel Beer Can and Bottle Cooler with Beer Opener that is Eco-Friendly and BPA free is the answer!

This vacuum gadget comes with double-wall stainless to guarantee a retainer temperature for your beer.

$29.99 On Amazon

41. Cute Kissing Mug Set 

This kissing mug set goes together to remind him that you all fit like puzzle pieces. Fill it up with some chocolate Valentine candy and a cute heartfelt note and you are good to go!


$24.90 On Amazon

42. Mr & Mrs. Right Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

If you live under the same roof with your better half, you should grab this romantic gift idea for both of you on this V day.

This is a universal gift idea to gift to any couple who lives together which can be used for multipurpose including wine water and significantly, for coffee.

If he’s a coffee lover then he’ll love this.

$31.90 On Amazon

43. Wine Chilling Sticks for Bottles and Mugs

This is another impressively thoughtful gift idea for any man especially for men who thought they have everything.

This is so personalized to what every man in your life might be loved to do at his spares. The stick can be used to chill any beer or glass of wine in a couple of seconds and it’s handheld so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting ice block stones.

$22.22 On Amazon


If you’re looking for fun Valentine’s day gift ideas that are non-cheesy, then this is an option for you that he’s going to love.

This is a four pair of socks that is packed in a box that looks exactly like Pizza… Not only will this be memorable, but also, it’d be very fun when receiving it. Is he a foodie and loves pizza? Then teasing him with this box with be very thoughtful.


$25.99 On Amazon

45. Tile Pro Bluetooth Tracker

Is the man in your life who want to receive these gifts an aged fellow or just a type that is very forgetful and can easily lose his wallet on a couch or in the room and can spend hours searching for it?

We have got a good and fun idea for him. This Pro tracker will help solve that issue of forgetfulness and give him the opportunity to track any of his missing items up to 400 ftp. It is perfect for pet trackers, children, keys, or wallets.

$55.00 On Amazon

46. Michael Kors Runway Watch

Is he a lover of brands? Is he an addicted fan of Michael Kors products? Then this nice looking runway stainless steel quartz watch will fit on him.

Don’t be all about boring gifts, move a little to the new design series of Michael Kors to show him how much you value is good looks and fashions.


$109.99 On Amazon

47. Get Him A Pair Of Sneakers

If he loves walk out and you are aware of his shoe size, then a pair of sneakers will go a long way to say I love you on this beautiful day. Buy him either a pair of sneakers, Canvas, Leather boot if he loves to play football.

You can also get this pair for him and he’ll be glad to wear it for an outing with you on valentine’s day and you’d be feeling comfortable and warmed just beside him.

$35.99 On Amazon

48. Customized Book of us

This is a very significant gift idea to honor your better half on this amazing day of sharing the love.

Pro tips: Get it ahead of Valentine’s day and fill it with the cheerful and memorable moments you two have shared and present it on the final v-day and he’d be surprised with love all over him and the whole night is going to be filled with romantic love.


$39.99 On Amazon

49. Bar Cabinet with Bottle and Glass Storage

If you want a gift to be remembered for by your better half forever then you need to increase the budget of your gift ideas for him by getting this cute bar cabinet with wine and glass storage for any wine lover in your life.

It provides tidy and comfortable spaces to store all your liquor and wine bottles with all your wine glasses of all sizes.


$227.69 On Amazon

50. Hanging Wine Glass Rack Under Cabinet

Although the above gift idea comes with a wine glass hanger but assuming you require more space in a cabinet that does not have a wine glass hanger, then this amazing gift is what you want.

If your boyfriend, husband or dad is a bartender this even compliments his business. This can also be used to give employee appreciation gifts to anyone in your life.

$20.99 On Amazon

51. Drive Safe Keychain

Tell your hubby or better half how much you care about him and also caution him against rough driving and over speeding on the roads.

This keychain is made with wood and is guaranteed to last for long. Simple gifts like this really matter and your hubby is going to love them when received from you.



$9.99 On Amazon

52. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Edt Spray

Paco Rabanne 1 Million sprayTell him how much you care about his fragrances by picking his favorite from Amazon which doesn’t cost a fortune to afford but serves a great purpose to the user.

This amazing spray has been bought more than 20,000 times and has an average of 4.5-star reviews from past customers who enjoyed it. Your lover is sure going to fall in love with you more when he receives the Edt 1 Million sprays from you.

$67.20 On Amazon

53. Multi-Color Toilet Light

Be fun about the gift. Take it to the extra mile by sending him this lovely piece of light that displays 8 different colors of lights right inside the hole of the toilet.

Change his dark toilet to something romantic and fun and he’s going to love it. This is a very creative birthday gift, Val’s gift, and can be given for other gifting occasion purposes.

$14.99 On Amazon

54. Wine Cooler Compressor

Does he have friends? Is he the type that always receives visitors at home? Does he have an office or is he a club or bar owner?

You’ll be missing out on his best book if you don’t get him this refrigerator. He can refrigerate all his wine and serve his guests very chill and have maximum fun with the pride that it was given by a better half.



$299.99 On Amazon

55. Modern Floor Lamp

This lamp he’s going to love it coming home every night to see light remembering that it’s a gift present that was given to him on a special day of love like Valentine’s day.

This lamp can be used in the living room, study room, library, book store, or in his bedroom.


$49.99 On Amazon

55. Sonos One Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa

Sonos oneIf he’s a gaming fan, this can be fun and concentrative and this Sonos speaker will go a long way to play music in the background while on a battlefield.

It supports multiple integrations making it a life-saving opportunity to control it with your voice-powered by Alexa by Amazon.

$199.00 On Amazon

56. Vyaime Car Diffuser Humidifier

Don’t spoil that moment as you drive for that vacation, hangout, or date night on valentine’s day, gift him this fun gift and he’d loved to put it in his car to drive with you and feel the relaxing scented feels that spread from this amazing gift idea. All you’re going to feel is seeing yourself connected to a new world.



$18.99 On Amazon

57. Smart Temperature Mobile Controllable Ember Mug

ember smart mug Temperature ControlSay no to overheated water for coffee and teas with this high-tech smart mug which uses a mobile app to control the temperature of your tea or coffee.

This mug is perfect for gamers. It will be easier for them to pay attention to coffee or tea instead of starving themselves on the keypad. You can use your mobile phone to set the automatic temperature you want your coffee to be and it will be heated to the exact


$165.00 On Amazon

58. Flameless Led Candle With Remote Controller

flameless led candlesHere is something to spice up Easter decor – Yinuo candles, a truly thoughtful Easter gift.

It provides a soft glowing effect with bright, shiny American imported glass making it a beauty.

It can be turned on and off with the remote control and the flickering flame technology creates the illusion of real flames.

$26.99 On Amazon

59. Rockport Darwyn Brown Sandal II Leather

This isn’t good for a boyfriend if you must know. Sorry, I mean a boyfriend below 30 wouldn’t appreciate this at all.

But any man in your life above 40 will gladly appreciate this gift idea especially when he’s a fisherman and loves jean trousers.

$42.99 On Amazon

60. Hope & Henry Men’s Button-Down Shirt

Finally, on our list of Valentine’s day gift ideas, we’d loved to say that it is essentially necessary for you to compliment your lover with this newly designed Hope & Henry’s shirt.

Scared if it’s the quality you want or if it will size him? Sometimes you might have experienced it when it didn’t size well and skeptical to buy fashions online – not to worry, Amazon Prime Wardrobes is here for you to test any wardrobes before paying. Try Prime membership here.

$34.95 On Amazon

In this article, we’ve covered all the unique valentine’s day gift ideas for him and we are so sure that out of this 60, you’d find a comfy and loved gift for your husband, boyfriend, dad, uncle, brother, son, or just a male friend in your life. We love to hear from you if this was helpful, yea?

Good. Please, do leave a comment and we will be glad to interact with you. 


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