reading nook ideas for kids

15 Relaxing Reading Nook Ideas For Kids

You’ll never go wrong searching for creative reading nook ideas for kids because reading is an important element of a child’s growth and development; as such, learning should not be restricted to the four walls of the classroom. Most modern homes have come to recognize the importance of kids’ reading, but the issue is how to create a relaxing reading nook that will inspire the kids to read more.

Here, you will understand what a reading corner is, how to beautify it to attract kids, and amazing ways to create reading nooks at home.

What Is A Reading Corner?

A reading corner is an eye-appealing rich book collection area created within the home or a public reception to inspire families, including kids, to read and catch fun all at the same time. A reading corner must be comfortable and designed to suit the reader’s age and class. To be cozier, you can add in some amazing additional such as throw pillows, toys, artifacts, curtains, armchairs, listening gadgets, a box of chocolate, and a soft stool for dropping mugs or cups.

It is not necessarily the place where you store the books, it is not necessarily the place where you read all the time and it does not need to be filled with books. But it should be a comfortable spot where you can relax and spend some time with a book in your hands.

It could be a comfortable chair, it could be a cozy sofa, it could be an armchair with a footrest or any other piece of furniture that you find comfy and relaxing.

Do Kids Use Reading Nooks?

Yes, kids use reading nooks or reading corners and they serve as essentials. Naturally, kids are playful and will not want to sit and read. So to make them read, you have to create a situation in which they can both read and play simultaneously with the aim of reading not being defeated, and this is why reading nooks come into play. Unlike that of adults, which have to be seriously organized using a pattern, reading nooks for kids are more flexibly arranged, and greatly colorful.

How Do I Make A Reading Nook For My Kids?

1. Pick a good spot

The first step in making a reading nook for your kids is to get a good spot. For an ideal spot, go for the corner in the child’s room, playroom, or living room.

2. Get furniture to make it  comfortable

Bookshelf For reading corner

The best way to get kids to read for hours is to make the place comfortable. Get some little furniture and accessories like a bay window with a cute big pillow below, plenty of pillows, including throw pillows, and safety curtains. If you can get the walls of the corners or pillows designed with pictures of their favorite cartoon characters, it will do more wonders.

Also, get a simple short bookshelf to display the books easily, and the kids can easily reach out to pick any book of their choice.

3. Make the reading corner cozy

Reading tentKids love adventure; why don’t you try decorating the reading corner to look like a secret tenet or hideout. Note that it shouldn’t be as serious as that of the adult. It should be a spot that looks different from the whole house, in which the kids will see it as a place to relax and escape from the house.

4. Light the reading nook

Due to the sensitivity of their little eyes, ensure the corner is well lightened up. You can design it so that the windows provide large access to light to enter the spot, or you can make use of good lighting to glow up the corner.

5. Stock the nook with books

This is the last thing to do after creating your perfect nook ideas. For kids, start with kiddies’ comic, adventurous, and tales books before graduating to historical and kiddies science and tech books.

15 Best Relaxing Reading Nooks Ideas For Kids

Today we have a collection of some fun and imaginative reading nooks for the kids. These are great for small spaces and can be used in just about any room. Check out these Relaxing Reading Nooks Ideas For Kids;

1. KidKraft Reading Nook

Kidcraft little dreamer

This kid-sized furniture piece is great for use in a playroom, bedroom, or anywhere else in the house. It’s an ideal space for kids to curl up with a blanket and their favorite book, or to relax while coloring or playing.

This is for kids aged 3-8 years old. This KidKraft Dreamer Deluxe reading nook allows the kids to create their own creative space for coloring reading, including nice daydreaming. You can add colorful cushions, toys, and stuffies to make it cozy. It can take two kids at a time.

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2. Under the Stairs Reading Nook

This is a very crazy reading nook idea, but trust me it works wonders. This entails transforming under the stairs into a perfect reading nook for your little one. it gives the kid’s this mysterious and adventurous experience that will make them want to visit the place, again and again. For it to be cozier, add some lights, a cushion, and a soft blanket.

3. Outdoor Garden Reading Nook

Outdoor Garden Reading Nook

This is a perfect reading hideout for kids during the spring and summertime where they can be lost in a book amidst the soft singing and chirping of the birds and dancing noises of the tress. All you have to do is to choose a place that is shady, add some soft chairs, and tables.

Kids can read, play games, or have fun on the swing alone or with their friends, which will improve their friendship and cooperation.

Sturdy cotton string with wooden bar ensures a long time use. The maximum weight capacity of this swing is about 230 pounds.

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4. Indoor Treehouse

An indoor treehouse is one of the most creative things reading nooks for kids. You can add a bunk bed on top of the tress, and color the branches and leaves with the kid’s favorite color.

5. The Sumbababy Teepee Tent

Sumbababy Teepee Tent for Kids with Carry Case

The Sumbababy teepee reading nook is designed to make your kids creative by allowing them the time to play games, draw and read. Also, it provides privacy for the little ones. To give it a cozier look, decorate it with string lights and plenty of the kids’ favorite storybooks.

The kid’s teepee comes with step-by-step instructions and is easy to assemble (only takes 5 minutes). Lightweight to carry and use everywhere. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor play: at home, in the backyard, at the park, beach, or anywhere!

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6. ECR4Kids Bookcase Display Stand

Bookshelf For reading corner

The ECR4Kids bookcase is made from Birchwood and is a lovely place to store the kid’s books in a front-facing style, that allows the kids to easily reach out to any of the books. This reading nook promotes confidence and independence to the kids by giving them the sole decision to navigate through to choose the book they want to read. A perfect place to place this reading nook is the kid’s bedroom.

Most especially, the styles that came with the nook above are indescribable with a rotatory effect to add style and standards to the kid’s memory making it the best place to spend their time.

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7. The RiverRidge Book Nook With Storage

The RiverRidge Book Nook With StorageIf you desire for your kids to learn how to store and tidy up their books in cubbies, while they read, this RiverRidge book nook is the best option for you. Also, the RiveRidge book nook comes with 2-piece folding bins that the kids can use to store their play toys and clutter.

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8. Floor Reading Nook

Are you looking for a simple reading nook for your kids that does not demand much effort? The Floor reading nook idea is a crazy yet adventurous reading idea.

All you need is some cushions and throw pillows on the floor, and some candies scattered. The advantage of this reading nook idea is that it breaks boredom in the kids. You can easily create one in the kids’ bedroom or playroom.

9. Honey Joy Reading Nook

HONEY JOY Reading Nook Organizer with Seat Cushion

The Honey joy reading nook is perfect for your kids, as it is made up of high-quality particleboard, strong enough to support kids that weigh about 110 lbs, and a detachable seat cushion to provide comfortable seating to your kids as they read. You can place it in any good spot in the home.

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10. Outdoor Hideaway Reading Nook

This reading nook is created in the backyard to enable your kids to have an adventurous outdoor reading experience. It is more or less like a tent with a day bed, lots of plush pillows, and toys. During the winter, you can dig a fire pit to make it cozier.

11. Hammock with Blankets

Hammock with Blankets

You can easily tie your hammock in different patterns to create a relaxing reading nook for your child. For extra warmth, you can add up pillows and blankets.

The hammock is made of high-quality water repellent 210T ripstop nylon shell and premium hollow fiber filling which is durable and keeps you warm in the great outdoors. The quilt comes in blue and dark green colors which are unique, eye-catching, and attractive.

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12. Hanging Cocoon Chair

Hanging Cocoon ChairThe gentle rocking motion of a hanging cocoon chair encourages your kid to get comfy as they read their favorite book. You can place your hanging cocoon chair anywhere in the house as long as there is a sturdy support system to keep your kid safe.

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13. Beanbag Reading Nook

This reading nook idea is designated for the playroom. Bean bags are cool chairs that your kids can freely plop on whenever they want to read a book. To make it more relaxing, you use suede chairs, pink furry ones, also, the shaggy classic shaped bean bags is a good idea.

14. Wooden Crafts Reading Nook

This is a very cost-effective way of creating a reading nook for your kids. You can make use of the old wooden crafts at home to create a cool library for the kids to store their books, including their keepsakes and toys. The advantage of this is that it makes the kid’s room look less cluttered

15. Closet Reading Nook

You can redesign your kid’s room to create an epic closet reading nook. You can decide to repaint the room or just the slated reading closet spot. Add some cushions, and throw pillows, including a plush bed to make it more relaxing.


We hope that these reading nook ideas will inspire you as you embark on your next project, either in your own home or at a client’s. The experience of reading is quite important to us as individuals, and our ability to engage with the subject material is crucial to us enjoying the act. Reading nooks offer up a great opportunity for reintroducing relaxing activities back into our daily routines.