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13 Reading Corner Design Ideas That Are Cozy

Having a cozy architectural corner to crawl into to do some reading is a necessity in this modern age where knowledge keeps revolving. Your reading corner design can range from being sophisticated to classic, modern to eclectic or quirky.

Here, you will get to learn the 13 best ways you can design your reading corner to suit your architectural needs and taste.

What Makes A Good Reading Corner?

For a reading corner to be classified as being good, it must have a welcoming atmosphere and be large enough to accommodate a person, at most three persons comfortably. The corner can make use of bean bag chairs,  old comfy chairs, rugs, cushions, plants,  and drape material from the ceiling to create a partition, from the main building or room.

A corner with a good reading light and a comfortable chair is an important feature in the home. Making your own reading corner is easy, especially if you have a spare room or space that isn’t being used.

A good reading corner should reflect your personality and make you feel relaxed. There are many ways to create a reading nook that is practical and easy to maintain.

1. Lighting

One of the most important features in any reading nook is lighting. You want to make sure the area is well-lit so you can see the pages clearly, but it shouldn’t be too bright or harsh on your eyes. If possible, position a lamp on either side of the chair for even lighting across the page.

2. Seating

A comfy chair is essential for any good reading nook. It should be firm enough to support your body but not so hard that it makes you sore after sitting for too long! A chaise lounge might be perfect for stretching out while enjoying some quiet time alone with a book or magazine article, while an overstuffed armchair would make anyone feel welcome when they sit down next to you! The best part about having such wonderful seating options? They’re both comfortable and stylish!

How To Make A Cozy Corner?

You can easily make a cozy corner – you just need to get some necessities, and boom, it is all set to be used.  Below are a few ways in which you can make your corner cozy.

  1. Make books accessible – If the books are stocked up on high shelves that you will need support to get, it isn’t a great way to enhance reading. For the corner to be cozy, the book should be arranged on low book trolleys, shelves, or open-faced bookshelves.
  2. Get an open area to display the covers of books – it can be arranged by the same topic or author.  Also, you should be able to arrange the book in categories such as technology books, motivational books, traditional/fantasy stories, poetry, comics, autobiographies, historical fiction, and magazines.
  3. Avoid overstocking the corner with books – fewer books encourage one to read and it makes the corner looks less scattered. You can rotate the book every week or month, for a constant new look.
  4. Bring in listening equipment in – for example, there are people that read best listening to soft music. And sometimes, you will want to listen to a podcast to compliment your reading.
  5. If the reading corner is for your kids, to make it cozy, stock the children’s work such as drawings, artworks, paints, their favorite book, their favorite authors, or a favorite book to compel them to sit and read.
  6. Also, this is for the kiddie’s reading corner. For it to be cozy, get a basket of soft teddies. Kids love having a reading buddy to read to.
  7. A place to put down your drink – Most adults love sipping whether water, juice, or wine while reading. So try and get a small tool that is within arm’s reach to drop down your cup or mug. An armchair drink is a perfect example.
  8. A throw blanket – a throw blanket makes a cozy corner cozier. A throw blanket is a necessity in the reading corner during the winter and fall season. Get something fluffy and soft to keep you warm while reading. You can get a cotton throw blanket for summer.
  9. A place to sit – A reading corner isn’t complete without having s comfortable place to sit and relax while reading. An armchair by the fireplace is an ecstatic example. For classier options, you can go with a comfy cushy chair.

Where Do You Put The Reading Nook?

With a plush throw pillow, soft chair, and ottoman, you can get a perfect reading nook where you can sit and do some reading. You can put a reading nook into a corner, an entire room, or part of your bedroom.

You should know that a reading nook doesn’t require a lot of space, so you don’t have to break a bank creating one.

To make your reading nook more appealing and cozy, add whimsical details such as a vintage record player, a bar chart, or a fun art piece.

Also, a book nook is very easy to emulate: you just have to get a chunky wicker chair and a couple of plants. For a more welcoming atmosphere, you can dd in some colorful cushions.

With that being said, the best place for a reading corner is somewhere quiet and calm. If you have space in your living room, or if you have an unused box room or playroom, this would be ideal.

If you don’t have the space, don’t worry. You can easily create a reading corner in any room by putting up a screen or hanging some curtains around one corner. Make sure it is away from the television!

How Do You Make A Reading Corner in a Bedroom?

To create a cozy reading spot, you must have a nook or a corner. You can create a reading corner in an empty bedroom wall, such as the space between the closet and dresser. You can add decorate the space making it look fashionable by adding fun accents, such as a wall decal and string light, a floor cushion, and shelves pillows.

13 Best Reading Corner Decorating Ideas That Are Cozy

Here is the list of our expert researched and recommended reading corner decorating ideas for everyone today.

  1. Surround It With Books

Phoebe Howard brought up an idea on how to decorate a reading corner. He states that asymmetry helps to bring out tons of interesting dimensions. You create the space by having one wall stocked with a built-in bookcase and back cushion and the other decorated with artwork. It is absolutely a perfect haven!

  1. Spruce Up a Corner

This corner decorating idea was designed by Studio DB, ad it entails getting a modern floor lamp and Lucite frames chaise to create a nice juxtaposition that is less sophisticated. Here, the reading nook is decorated using all the staples which have a more elevated twist.

  1. Find Your Light

As the name implies, this idea involves creating a reading corner close to the window which is outfitted with overhead sconces, creating a natural and cozy atmosphere. The wallpaper to be used should be colorful and well patterned. This idea was inspired by Laura Resen.

  1. Maximize Space

As inspired by Designer David Kaihoi, this idea states that you can create a cozy reading corner in the living room, having hidden storage beneath the seats. For this, you can either use an armchair or a banquette.

  1. Take It Outside

If you have a built-in cabana on a pool deck, you can decide to create an outdoor-exciting reading corner by mixing the right type and color of materials such as cushions and a rug as suggested by Houshmand.

  1. Get Inspired

This idea simply means you should design your corner space to inspire you to read.  It is created by Peter Raeside, and it states it is necessary to have mimic elaborate moldings that make the space feels fresh and classic – that when looked upon will inspire your minds.

  1. Optimize For Studying

This idea involves utilizing the spare room in a study room. Here, you get a comfy seat, which is in close proximity to a desk. As inspired by Heidi Caillier, you can take make use of a calming mint green study nook.

  1. Stick to the Staples

This is a classier way of decorating a reading corner. All you need is a coat of crisp white paint from floor to ceiling, including a  modern armchair, reading light and a traditional gallery wall, and a few throw pillows to provide warmth. The space should be arranged in a way that the natural light will be blocked from entering the house. This idea was side by Paul Raeside.

  1. Utilize Transitional Spaces

The transitional space can either be outdoor or indoor – it should include a day bed by adding a few cushions and throw pills as said by Tamsin Johnson This architectural design helps to create a minimalist environment that creates a space for sunshine to let through the room.

  1. Section It Off

This implied creating an intimate reading corner using a sheer curtain around it. It can be around a full-sized bed, close to the window, or a small space in the bedroom. You can decorate the enclosed space using artworks, or wallpaper and ensure it complements with the sheer curtain used.

  1. Add Floor Cushions

This is a bedroom loft-designed reading corner idea inspired by Laure Joliet. For this idea to appear cozier, use sculptural seating pairs with a low partition. Ensure the seating pairs are arranged in equals. An eclectic array of floor cushions is a good example.

  1. Hang Tight

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate a reading corner as inspired by Rip & Tan which advocates having regular chairs altogether swinging traditionally.

  1. Take Up a Whole Room

Can you use a whole room to use for a reading corner? Yes, you can, especially if you are a home-stay mother having kids that you teach always. For this idea to be cozy, you have to stick to bright white tones to get a neutral and modern look. Also add a soft carpet, some throws pillows, and sheepskins throw.


Creating a reading nook or a reading corner is an easy task you can reproduce at home following the guidelines above. If your reading corner isn’t cozy, reading may be uninteresting to you – so make it cozy.