Last Minutes Easter Gift Ideas

The Best Last Minute Easter Gift Ideas For Everyone (Guys and Ladies)

If you’re looking for last-minute gift ideas for everyone in your life, then this post is for you. Easter is a season of reflection of love because it’s due to love that God sent him the only son to come and die for our sins so that we may be saved.

There’s no greater love than that and since you cannot die for anyone as a human, then love can also be exchanged through gifts.

So this post is going to cover the last minute’s Easter gift ideas for adults in your life that will make them not forget what Christ the love of God means in their lives.

1. Multipurpose Women Fashion Handbags

This is an economy package for women. As it is said, ladies first and this gift is precisely for the ladies. No woman that doesn’t love handbags because it’s one of those unique attributes of women to carry handbags everywhere they are going.

It comes in four sets. 1 big and mini handbag, 2 small and medium-sized wallets (purse) to store her valuables such as credit/debit cards, etc. This makes it a great choice of a gift idea to surprise her on Easter season and see the love blossom in her. She’ll love this with all her heart.

$41.99 On Amazon

2. Eau de Toilette Perfume Gift Box Set

It’s an Easter celebration to celebrate the resurrection of the son of God (Jesus) and it’s therefore important to gift gifts that resonate.

Make your receiver smell nice this season because of you by gifting them this well-packaged gift box with perfume with nice fragrances.





$144.99 On Amazon

3. Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt for Women and Men

This makes more sense to gift your receiver(s) since it’s a unisex gift that can be used by both males or females.

The oversized blanket makes meaning during summer or winter a whole lot. It is made with fluffy hoodies providing a soft and comfortable feel to the one wearing it.



$33.99 On Amazon

4. Adjustable Laptop Stand

If he’s a workaholic, then this gift will be a lot more relieving than you thought. It’s a beautiful gift for anyone that has a laptop or works with laptops. It can also be given to kids.

It’s adjustable to fit any use case either in bed or sitting on a chair to work. It’s also a unisex gift idea for any adult.

$46.74 On Amazon

5. No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk Through Christ’s Passion (Paperback)

If he’s a Christian, you’ll definitely love him or her to know more about why Jesus was crucified on the cross.

“The nails could not have held Him fast to the Cross if love had not held Him there first.”

This is a biblical story that walks you through why God sent Him to die for all of our sins.

Assuming He wanted not to die since He’s the son of God, He would have possibly disappeared but no, He stayed. To find out more about the story.


$14.99 On Amazon

6. 30 Pcs Easter Eggs Decorations Kit

Don’t just keep the gifting with nonfunny gifts and because of that, we’re introducing this funny decorations kit for Easter so you get to keep your receiver buy as they bring out the creativity in them to decorate these blank Easter eggs with their own creative designs.

This is going to spark love and bring much fun through your gift. It can accommodate the whole family to engage in the fun on Easter day.


$16.99 On Amazon

7. CraveBox Care Package

craveboxThis package is a total reflection of how much you care for people and that if only you can do better than this, you’re always there.

Showing up during important times to show love is the best thing to do and this care package comes with a lot of assorted gifts to cheer any adult up during Easter.


$23.95 On Amazon

8. Dune By Christian Dior For Women

Women love perfumes more than men for sure and this will be you good chance to be printed in their book of special people when you gift a woman in your life this beautiful Christian Dior package.

It’s a lovely last-minute gift idea to spark love on Easter season like this.


$89.28 On Amazon

9. Artificial Flowers with Ceramic Vase Silk Hydrangea

Yes, flowers aren’t bad to possibly think of as a last-minute gift. This is okay for both males and females during this season.

Flowers itself is love and this beautiful set is well packaged for homes, offices, dining room, centerpieces, etc. It’s a multipurpose type for your loved ones.


$29.99 On Amazon

10. Impact Velvet Underground Vintage T-Shirt

This T-Shirt is a slim-fitted type that will look nice on any chest.

Somehow, it can be worn by both males and females. However, it will be more perfect when given to a guy as an Easter gift.



$14.66 On Amazon 

11. Easter Greeting Cards With Gold Foil

This gift is specifically for the Easter season. It comprises of Bunny, and ceramics for your loved ones.

The pack of 24 Pcs With 6 Different Multicolor Designs Of Bunny, Eggs and Happy Easter.

It can also be given to kids for fun in classrooms etc.


14.99 On Amazon

12. Stonebriar Inspirational Psalm Stones

stonebriar inspirational psalm stonesThe Stonebriar’s inspirational Psalm stones come with 6 different Psalms. Psalm 16:8, Psalm 37:4; Psalm 91:2; Psalm 136:26; Psalm 118:24; and Psalm 118:14.

Easter is a period where we are a reminder of God’s love towards mankind and the extent of the sacrifice He made for us.

These stones inspire us to anchor our faith in the One who has loved us so much to let His son die for us.

It is a complete expression of Easter.

$14 on Amazon

13. Vintage Print T-shirts for Women With Round Neck

This is a good choice for women who loves to wear large-sized clothes. This can be worn with a bum-short or any underwear

$7.99 On Amazon 


14. Tea Kettle Infuser Stovetop Gift Set

This premium and classic Tea Kettle Infuser can serve you and your family with up to six cups of coffee specially brewed at the comfort of your home. It comes with four double-walled glass cups.

You can easily put it on your stovetop, gas cooker, and your electric cooker. Components of this elegant glass tea infuser can easily be washed in a dishwasher. Making it very easy to do your dishes, this is a unique gift idea for 60 years old woman.

$42.99 On Amazon

I hope these gift ideas help you to make your loved one’s easter holiday a special one. We’d love to hear from you in the comment section.