23 Attention Grabbing Best Gift Ideas for Gamers In 2021 That Will Remind Them How Special They are To You

Looking for the best gift ideas for gamers can be very stressful especially when it is your first time doing so. PC gamers are a very addictive set of individuals and can spend their whole day battling with a keypad especially when they are playing live video games.

During the holidays, you might want some good Christmas gifts for gamers around you who are your loved ones and wished to show how thoughtful you.

In this post, we’ve covered highly creative Christmas presents for gamers, for computer gamers, or just general gift ideas for gamers to impress their gaming experiences. 

Our Top Rated Best Gifts for Gamers | Best Gift Ideas For PC Gamers In 2021

Without mincing words, here are all the best gifts you can gift to your loved ones who like to play video games.

1. SteelSeries QcK Prism RGB Gaming Surface

steelseries qck

As an intending gamer’s gift, the first gift you want to grab for them is this beautiful SteelSeries gaming surface pad. It comes with cool RGB colors to beautify the gaming station. 

Our experts can confirm that every gamer needs a prism RGB gaming surface to keep the mouse, keyboard, and other operating gadgets.

$99.99 On Amazon

2. CINEMOOD 360° Interactive Portable Projector

Cenemood 360 degreeThis is one of the best gifts you can ever gift to any gamer in your life because this is universally used for different purposes and will also serve a great purpose to the gaming experience especially when your receiver has not a game station but plays directly with his smartphone.

It can also be used for other streaming purposes like Zoom, Netflix, YouTube or just to operate your phone in a larger screen resolution.

$499.95 On Amazon

3. Viotek GN34DB Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Viotek GN24DB Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

The gaming experience can be fun when it is played from a larger monitor as compared to a phone or laptop device.

This Viotek GN34 is a perfect gift idea for your receiver. It also motivates intentions to upscale one’s skills especially in graphics and video editing which makes a perfect choice.

$349.99 On Amazon

4. EKSA E900 USB Gaming Headset

EKSA E900 USB Gaming HeadsetThis headset is officially made for the purpose of enhancing the video gaming experience and with the noise-canceling technology, your receiver can play games with live opponents and communicate back.

An example of such games is Free Fire. Your receiver is going to love this considering the features it has which is exactly what every gaming guy wants.

It also comes in multiple colors such as red and green…

$349.99 On Amazon

5. CORSAIR Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

corsair glaive gaming mouseWhen looking for a gift for a gamer, it’s wise to be cautioned on the type of gift to get to them and it’s also important to keep them as personalized as possible. In this regard, this glaive RGB gaming mouse will be a game-changer.

It can be used to play any game with all the functions a juice stick has that make it possible to play the game on the computer effortlessly.

$113 On Amazon

6. Choose Your Weapon Funny Gamer T-shirt

Choose Your WeaponThis is a funny T-shirt for adult gamers which comes in boldly printed console pad with the text “Choose Your Weapon”. It couldn’t be more personalized as this T-shirt.

Every gamer is going to love this fun gift and it comes in multiple sizes, can be used for outdoors and indoor gaming stations, etc.


$15 On Amazon

7. Sonos One Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa

Sonos oneGaming can be fun and concentrative and this Sonos speaker will go a long way to play music in the background while on a battlefield. 

It supports multiple integrations making it a life-saving opportunity to control it with your voice-powered by Alexa by Amazon.


$196 On Amazon

8. Rechargeable Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse, Rainbow Backlit

wireless gaming keyboard and mouse rainbowAwesome gift idea here for a gamer. This is a combo pack of a gift for PC gamers. This keyboard is a new generational designed feature. It has a mouse that can be used simultaneously for a week or two before recharging. 

With its 3800mAh, it synchronizes with the mouse to enhance the fast gaming experience. It can also be used for home or office purposes. 

$69.99 On Amazon

9. PS4 Stand Cooling Fan Station for PlayStation 4 Slim, Pro

ps 4 cooling stationThis is a double gift for a PC gamer. This gadget can recharge a rechargeable console pad (Juicestick) and also serve as a cooling fan station to your PlayStation 4 Slim and PlayStation 4 Pro.

It has light indicators that show when a console pad is fully charged and when it’s still charging. It makes just a perfect gift idea for your receiver.


$27.99 On Amazon

10. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Gaming HeadsetRazer always produces quality headsets and this is specially made to enhance the gaming experience. Your receiver will be so much excited to receive this gift from you.

It’s compatible with any device that has the audio airphone jack including PlayStation 3, 4, and PS5. It can also be used on a PC.

$79.99 On Amazon

11. Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto V for Playstation 4

Grand Theft Auto V is a very interesting video game that every single gamer out loves. The game currently has over 20,000 5-star reviews across all platforms.

It’s also very addictive and has high-quality 3D graphics that every gamer always loves. Going into the battlefield as if it’s in the physical story.

$26.99 On Amazon

12. HavIt RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Havit rgb cooling padInterestingly, everyone who has a laptop computer needs this as a gift but most importantly, gamers spend lots of time playing high graphics video games and usually results in overheating computers.

When you gift them this as a gift, it will be well appreciated as it will help in cooling their laptops. This also helps to optimize the speed of every computer system.

$38.99 On Amazon

13. Funny Gammer Hoodie

I paused my game to be hereObviously, bringing fun into fashion is the best thing that can happen to any gamer. A feeling of importance is attached to wearing this hoodie gift showing how important the moment they were having their with pad was.

Let it be printed boldly that “I paused my game to be here”.

$24.95 On Amazon

14. Smart Temperature Controllable Ember Mug

ember smart mug Temperature ControlSay no to overheated water for coffee and teas with this high-tech smart mug which uses a mobile app to control the temperature of your tea or coffee.

This mug is perfect for gamers. It will be easier for them to pay attention to coffee or tea instead of starving themselves on the keypad. You can use your mobile phone to set the automatic temperature you want your coffee to be and it will be heated to the exact same degrees.

$165 On Amazon

15. Remote Control Led Strip Lights

Led strip lightsGive his or her room or gaming station a brand new look with these awesome-looking RGB led strip lights that come with remote control.

With the help of the remote, without standing up from your couch, this light can be controlled in several ways such as changing the colors, optimizing the brightness by dimming or increasing it. It exceeds the rainbow colors and presented itself with 8 beautiful colors.

$20.99 On Amazon

16. Z Shaped Computer Table

New Puter gaming deskThis is another multi-purpose gift idea that can be gifted to anyone who does not have a table or needs something that is mobile, flexible, and at the same time, flashy.

The Z-Shaped home and office or gaming computer table also have a led lights controller stand, a compartment for saving beverage’s mug, or just bottled water or a can of fruit drink. It also has an additional compartment to hang your headset.

This gift can also be gifted to DJs, producers, or just anyone that uses a computer at home or in the office.

$149.99 On Amazon

17. Gaming Bedding Set for Boys and Girls

teen bedding for gamingThis is one of the best gift ideas for teenagers. The bedding set which comes in different color designs is a good and perfect gift idea for girls who are gamers or a gift idea for boys who are gamers.

Either you are looking for a valentines day gift idea, Christmas day gift idea, or just a birthday gift idea for boys or girls, this is a good choice they will truly appreciate.

$45 On Amazon

18. Fancy Wooden Designed Beer Mug

If he likes taking beer, this wooden beer mug would be a good choice for him.

Whatever occasion it might be that you want to gift your receiver a gift as a gamer, this mug could be among them or just it.

If he’s a beer lover, there might always be a beer beside him as he battles with the pads with his friends.

$35.99 On Amazon

19. Gaming Chair with Footrest and Bluetooth Speakers

https://amzn.to/2Xl5d9yThe perfect gift within $200 comes with a relaxing footrest and Bluetooth to enjoy music while playing games or while in the office.

Our review team confirmed that everyone who receives this gift always instantly appreciates it and falls in love with it. It’s perfect for gamers.

$199.99 On Amazon

20. Bedside Night Light with Bluetooth Speaker

Ersculleo Touch Bedside LampEveryone will personally appreciate this gift idea as a matter of fact and it also makes a good gift for a PC gamer.

It has a soft touch control on its body. It’s dimmable with multi-color self-changing effects.



$29.99 On Amazon

21. Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

garmin pay vivoactive smartwatchWith the Garmin Pay solution, the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch can be used to make contactless payments for anything with almost all the banks in America supporting this payment solution.

And either you’re just jugging or coming back from a gym, you can easily grab a cup of coffee in the nearest coffee shop and pay almost in seconds without any contact. This is very important mostly during this time of social distancing.

$129.99 On Amazon

22. MSI GL65 Leopard 10SFK Thin Bezel Gaming Laptop

MSI Gaming LaptopIf you wished to step up his game with a high-performance machine to power his gaming experience, this Leopard machine flag shipped by MSI is just perfect.

It’s so powerful that it can play in computer video games and works well with Xbox or any PlayStation, 3, 4, 5, or feature production.

$1312.76 On Amazon

23. QI-EU Wireless Charger

QI-EU Wireless ChargerIf he’s an Apple devices lover then this charging station is a perfect gift for him. Trust your receiver to be forgetting he needed to charge his phone many times only to realize a low battery when it’s an emergency.

This charging box might be a lifesaver for him. it’s capable of charging all his mobile apple gadgets including iPhone 11 series, to iPhone 8. It can also be used to charge other accessories like Apple watch, Airpod Pro.

$23.99 On Amazon


These are highly classified gift ideas for any gamer. If you’re looking for gifts for gamers, PC Gamers, or something cool gift for someone who loves to play video games, then this list should serve you well. Let us know if your receiver loved them.