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29 Best Encouragement Gifts For College Students 2021

29 Best Encouragement Gifts For College Students 2021

Many students find it hard to motivate themselves to study hard and excel at school. There are many reasons why and sometimes it just comes down to not having the right support system around them. The best way to overcome this is by giving your best friend or classmate a simple but vital gift. Encouragement gifts for a college student can be anything from a written report to a tangible item such as a t-shirt, a laptop, or even a software program.

Choosing the right gift for a young adult has become more difficult compare to years back. Hence, it’s not easy to find a gift that would make college students raise eyebrows and meet the need or want. 

Either you are looking for gifts for college students girl or cheap gifts for college students of any gender, it shouldn’t be that difficult to do so because our gift guide of encouragement gifts for college students contains all the gifts for college students of all ages in 2021.

Basically, in this post, we’re going to cover the following sub-topics…

  • Housewarming Gifts For College Students

  • Gifts for College Students girl

  • Useful Gifts for Students

To help you find the gift that ticks the criteria of ideal gift ideas for college students, we collated the opinion of actual college student’s wish lists and feedback of parents of their wards body language when they bought the gift.

Here we’ve categories our choice of gift ideas for college students into beauty, tech, black-owned business gifts, handmade gifts, print subscription gifts, study gifts e.t.c.

The Best Motivation And Inexpensive College Student Gifts Ideas for 2021

1. Apple Airpods Pro With Charging Case

Apple Airpods with charging caseIt’s not a surprise that the majority of the students want an Apple AirPods, not only for its quality but also useful when during chores or working out. There are a lot of wireless headphones out there, nothing beats investing in a good pair of headphones.

Good headphones do not have to cost 500 dollars to enjoy true music. Earphones like Apple AirPods are not overly pricey and would make a great gift for a college student.

$114 on Amazon

2. Ladies Flora Leather Boot

floral bootOther than the beat-up boot used by the majority of the students, the Dr. Mortens Women’s Flora Leather Boot would be a great gift idea for females, all due to its durability and quality materials used.

It’s made with Arcada Leather, which reveals the contrast color and uniqueness. Get one for your young adult in college.

$85 on Amazon

3. Laptop Cooling Pad

coolpadLaptop Cooling Pad is an essential accessory for techies who used their laptops 24/7. Other than working perfectly, it is lightweight, portable; all this makes it easy to take around.

It offers ergonomic comfort and adjustable height for different working conditions. Furthermore, it comes with dual USB ports, an Anti-slip baffle, 5 Ultra fans, and a metal mesh surface.

$29 on Amazon

4. Roku Ultra LT 4K/HDR/HD Streaming

Roku Ultra LT 4K

This streaming player can stream shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Prime Video, and others all in one spot. Since fewer college students have cable, this streaming player is, overall, the best one you can gift them to motivate their study.

$59 on Amazon

5. Fiske Guide to Colleges 2021

Fiske guide to colleges 2021

No one except for Edward B. Fiske tells the stories about colleges, and he’s been doing it for more than 35 years. The Fiske Guide to Colleges is the most trusted guide to over 320+ four-year schools.

It includes quotes from students and information that you won’t find anywhere else. Making it the best gift idea for any college student to ever come across.

$20.10 On Amazon

6. CraveBox Care Package

craveboxCravebox package happens to be a cool gift idea too for college students especially the food student in your life. This can be a gift from teacher to student, mother to student, friend to student, or family to the student. 

It is full of assortment and will have a positive view on the student. It can easily behold onto any time there is a need to rush with one snack.

$25.45 On Amazon

7. Underbed Storage Bags

underbed bag

Underbed storage bag is another gift for college students that’d be appreciated, especially for someone who lives in a small dorm room or apartment.

Storage space can be limited in small apartments or dorm rooms. Addie Rose’s under-the-bed storage bag is a great organizational solution that doesn’t take up any space in your living area. You can organize your items in the bag with compartments that make it easy to find what you need.

$14 On Amazon

8. Study LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Study led desk lightMotivate your college student into wanting to always read with this friendly and fun-to-use gadget that keeps positive energy towards reading. It’s a total combo for any student with a variety of useful addons.

The light can be placed firmly on a desk, used to charge other gadgets as well as used to store pens, pencils, crayons, and other drawing tools.

$49.99 On Amazon

9. The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook

This cookbook is designed to make it easy for college students to prepare fresh, tasty, and healthy meals during a busy week.Do you want to invest in the upbringing of your son, daughter, or any college student to learn how to cook? Then this beautiful gift idea has it all covered for you.

This cookbook is designed to make it easy for college students to prepare fresh, tasty, and healthy meals during a busy week. It contains 5 ingredients that any college student could use to learn various recipes and live healthily while in college.

$7 On Amazon

10. Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker

The InstantPot uses the latest technology to deliver unprecedented performance. It’s affordable and makes it easy for college students, irrespective of course of study or faculty to cook healthy meals in their dorm room.

With the instant pot, they can steam, warm, and make use of the pressure cooking feature – All-in-one. Also, this model of instant pot Lux Mini 6-in-1 is small for a modest room. It has a revolutionary new design that allows for much faster cooking, and a 24-hour delay start, which lets you plan your meals the night before.

$134 On Amazon

11. LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

Led desk lamp with wireless charger and usb portLike the previous LED light, the USB charging port on this lamp is compact and powerful, making it an ideal travel companion when in college. The adjustable headstock makes it perfect for both styles of reading.

This lamp also includes five levels of brightness giving you plenty of lighting options while studying at night or working during the day. It has both wireless charging options for iPhones and other wireless gadgets, and on top of that, supports USB ports for cable charging.

$34 On Amazon

12. Bedside Shelf 

BedshelfKeeping useful items organized in a modest dorm room requires a certain level of discipline. The Bedside shelf is an ideal gift for college students who’s keen on room organization – Items like a notepad, a cup of coffee, or a phone can be kept here.

It does not require an instructional manual or technical know-how to install and can last for a lifetime if maintained properly.

$44.99 On Amazon

13. A Pair of Boxers

boxersA male college student would need more boxers to keep himself clean. Students are fond of stealing each other’s properties and this pair of boxers would be additional support to continue keeping the student clean.

It’s a beautiful and high-quality pair of boxers and can be watched with a machine without any side effects.

$27 On Amazon.com

14. Night Light and Alarm Clock

Aisuo Night Light
Gifting the college student in your life a gift like Aisue Night will enable the young adult in your life to wake up in time for seminars, attending brainstorming sessions e.t.c.

It has three levels of brightening and 48 color options and is also powered by a battery that gets recharged in 5-6 hours. It’s worth noting that Aisuo Night Light double as Bluetooth Speaker.

$36.99 On Amazon

15. Socks or Shirts


This is a thoughtful gift for your man. If he gets cold feet a lot this product will be great for him.

These beautiful socks will keep his feet warm during the cold season.

These holders’ thermal socks are seven times warmer. Your boyfriend’s feet will stay warm and cozy.

Shop Amazon.com

16. SmartDevil Personal USB Powered Deck Fan

Smartdevil small personal usb desk fanSmall-spaced dorm room get heat up when at full capacity, therefore may not be convenient to use or control the room temperature.

Gifting a college student this USB Powered Deck Fan can keep help the heat level under control, hence study comfortably. The SmartDevil small personal USB Deck Fan is built for convenience and easy usage; it has three adjustable speed levels, is lightweight, 360 degrees tilt rotation, and has USB compatibility.

$12,99 On Amazon

17. Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee Mug WarmerWhen students study, a cup of coffee at the side can do a lot, from increasing attention to wakefulness and then improving the level of alertness. But to keep beverages warm, a coffee mug warmer is the answer.

The mug warmer is made with better thermal conductivity and quality in mind.

$39.99 On Amazon

18. Mini Fridge Astro Ai Powered 4 Litre Fridge

Astro Ai FridgeThe Astrol fridge is another ideal best gift idea for a college student. It has the capacity to hold up to 12 oz cans and comes with a removable shelf that makes it easy to keep items like cosmetics, medicines, and breast milk. It’s a perfect gift for female college students.

Note that this fridge is made specifically to keep items warm not heat up cold items.

$45.99 On Amazon

19. Phone Mount Bed Gooseneck

Phone Mount HolderThis phone mount makes it easy to hold a smartphone when in bed or reading and there is a need to use it.

It’s an ideal gift for college students who make use of their smartphones when reading. Also, it can be used to watch videos and make calls.

$25.99 On Amazon

20. Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth SpeakerAnother gift on students’ wish list is a Bluetooth Speaker. Many of the students do not really care about the speaker manufacturer but place so much emphasis on its portability and quality.

Anker Soundcore Mini 3 Bluetooth is a great choice of gift for any college student, irrespective of gender. It makes use of Bluetooth 5.0, which makes it easy to pair, and then USB-C Charging for convenient and fast recharging.

$39.99 On Amazon

21. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Students need reliable and quality laptops to meet up with academic activities like researching and online learning. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop won’t be a bad gift for the young adult in your life.

Though quite expensive, it offers exceptional performance and excellent battery life: a powerful sound system, backlit keyboard, extensive connectivity e.t.c.

$409.95 On Amazon

22. Amazonbasic Extra Long Cord For iPhone

USB Cable for iPhoneFor college students who use their smartphones for a variety of things, gifting him/her would make a great gift as they can always charge their devices at arm’s length.

This Double Braided Nylon Cable is Apple MFi certified and made with Kevlar for improvement in strength, durability, and flexibility.

Check On Amazon

23. Amazon Gift Card in a Mini Envelope

Amazon Gift CardSometimes, it’s difficult to decide what a student would love as they can be selective and hard to buy for. If this ever become the case, then the best way to motivate such college student that is hard to buy for is with the Amazon gift card in an envelope.

This gift card gives him the power to shop for anything of his choice on the Aamzon.com website.

From $10 On Amazon

24. Amazon Kindle Unlimited Membership

Amazon Kindle unlimitedIf you ever want to give a college student an inexpensive premium gift, then Amazon Kindle unlimited membership is a game-changer. While in college, it’s okay to keep cultivating a good reading habit for students and Amazon Kindle could have been less suggested.

You can start a free 1-month trial if you are not sure if the student would like it. When they eventually do, you can subscribe for unlimited months. If he/she isn’t too fun about reading, there are thousands of Audiobooks you can gift to with Amazon Audibles premium membership for college students.

Free Trial On Amazon

25. Insulated Skyline Water Bottle

Skyline Water BottleMileaf a student at Evergreen College, Olympia cited an Insulated bottle as a needed item on his wish list. ” I want to get an insulated water bottle that would me get insulated on the go”.

This Hydro Flask Skyline Series Water Bottle has a dishwasher-safe powder coating, a handle for holding when skating, trekking, or cycling, and then a lifetime warranty.

$56.99 On Amazon

26. Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase

Bluetoot Portable Suitecase record playerIs the college student in your life a music enthusiast with a taste in eclectic taste? Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase would be an ideal gift for him or her. For someone with a keen interest in a particular, this can be gotten in different colors from Amazon, which is 35 colors in total.

It can easily be connected to an external stereo via the stereo RCA outputs and also make use of the line input non-Bluetooth devices like CD players. 

$51.75 On Amazon

27. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

Leisure ProjectorYou can’t go wrong with a VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector as a gift for any college student, irrespective of the interest it can be used for a variety of things. One of them is video viewing, especially for someone who has little time to visit the movie.

One of the features of this mini projector is that it can be connected directly to a smartphone, PS4, PS3, or Wi for diversified gaming.

$129.99 On Amazon

28. iRobot Vacuum Robot Cleaner

iRobot Roomba i3+ vacuum cleanerThis iRobot Roomba i3+ (3550) Robot Vacuum can help that college student take off cleaning from his/her To-do list and rather focus on academics performance.

It is fully automated, hence comes with sensors that enable disposal itself for up to 60 days.

$332.99 On Amazon

29. Auto Shut-Off Dehumidifier

Auto Shut-Off dehumidifierLiving in a dorm does not have to be always stuffy and crappy when you can gift the college student a Dehumidifier as a gift.

This Tenergy Sorbie Mini Dehumidifier is powered by thermoelectric cooling technology, which contributes to its quietness during operation. It has every feature needed for ease of use and comfort. At $49.99, you can get one for that college student in your life on Amazon.

$49.99 On Amazon

30. Adjustable Bookstand

Adjustable BookstandLet your student enjoy a comfy reading process by getting them a book reader like this Adjustable Book Stand from Amazon.

It’s made to last for a long time, hence made with quality materials such as heavy-duty premium alloy. Also, it’s made with the comfort of the reader in mind; pages are easy to turn and the soft rubber tips make sure the paper does not get damaged.

$23.99 On Amazon

31. E-book Reader

Kobo ebook readerReading does not have to be all hardcover, a good e-book reader would be a great substitute for any college student. One of the reliable you can get out there is the Kobo Clara HD 6″ Carta E Ink Touchscreen E-Reader.

Carry up to 6,000 eBooks anywhere you go. Read for weeks on a single battery charge.

$99.99 On Amazon

Either you are looking for gifts for college students girl or cheap gifts for college students of any gender, it shouldn’t be that difficult to do so because our gift guide of encouragement gifts for college students contains all the gifts for college students of all ages in 2021.


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