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40+ Gift Ideas That Any Tech Guy In Your Life Will Truly Appreciate

40+ Gift Ideas That Any Tech Guy In Your Life Will Truly Appreciate

Getting gifts for a tech guy could make you feel very important because this set of people are always focused on research and sometimes never get the chance to explore the beauty of the weather.

Either you’re looking for tech gifts for men who have everything or just some cool technology gifts, we’ve got you covered on this post.

Considering the best gifts for tech guys is one million decision you’ve to take because it can be very stressful and expensive.

Sometimes, you can’t please them. Either you’re looking for Christmas gifts for a tech guy or just awesome tech gifts for guys that they will fall in love with and appreciate instantly, we’ll talk about that.

This tech guy’s gift ideas are based on my own opinion as a tech guy and several other recommendations from a survey we carried out from another tech gurus.

List of Cool Gifts For A Tech Guy

It doesn’t matter if he’s your boyfriend, a brother, a casual friend, a colleague, or a father. These are the tech gift ideas to freak any tech guy into accepting them with pleasure.

1. Tracki Mini Real-time GPS Tracker


tracki gps tracker

This product is universal and your recipient will fall in love with it. It doesn’t matter the quantity you buy it will all be useful to the recipient.

It has multiple uses as it can be used to track cars, pets, kids, gadgets such as phones, or track just anything and if your recipient is the type of person that is forgetful, then this gift is perfect. I love this very product for its worldwide coverage, unlike others that cover few locations.


Available On Amazon

2. Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft

computer chairTech guys are always indoors and one cool place they value much is their workstation. They can spend all their life savings decorating their workstation to look amazing and contributing to this design proofs just how thoughtful you are about his lifestyle.

The Amazon Classic Puresoft rotating office share is perfect for an office, workstation, YouTube tutorials, and much more.

Available On Amazon

3. Headset Noise Cancelling Headset

Most likely, every tech guy loves to play games. They are mostly attached to their gamepad during their free time than hanging out with friends and therefore, complementing their fun moments will be well appreciated.

With the noise-canceling headset, they can stream and play PlayStation all night long and enjoy the premium sound produced by this headset. 

Available On Amazon

4. A New iPhone

iPhone 11

Every tech guy especially those in the digital tech-related industries like Web design and programming, is usually, surrounded by different smartphones and changing his iPhone or upgrading him to an Apple iOS which be really thoughtful.


Available On Amazon

5. Charging Station

Gadgets charging startionA charging station is an all-around gift idea. As a tech guy, your gadgets need to be constantly online either on a flight, on the train, or in the workstation, and therefore, a thoughtful gift idea like the charging box will be more appreciated when gifted to a typical tech guy who believes he has everything.

It’s a demanding gift that is under $50 just in case one is sourcing for gift ideas under a particular budget.


Available On Amazon

6. Gtracing Gaming Chair

https://amzn.to/2Xl5d9yThe perfect gift within $200 comes with a relaxing footrest and Bluetooth to enjoy music while playing games or while in the office.

This Chair is perfect for a typical tech guru in order to relieve pains and stretch joints. Most importantly, it comes with amazing features such as the body massage feature to keep your body sensitized.

Available On Amazon

7. Playstay Console (PS4 or 5)

Guys generally are game lovers. A very few sets of guys will ever naturally not loved to play games. And as a tech guy who’s always indoors, a PlayStation console would a much-appreciated gift for any tech guy.

It doesn’t have to be the latest version. It might be PS 3, 4, or PS5. It all depends on your financial capacity and ability.

Available On Amazon

8. Foldable GPS FPV Drone

This is an adult drone perfect for gift ideas especially when the receiver is a tech guy who loves to play with tech toys in his spare time.

The uses for this UHD Live recording drone are countless for a tech guy. Especially, depending on the area of tech he focuses on, it’s easy to use when on the beach or just to cover an event in a crowded area.


Available On Amazon

9. A Gaming Laptop (Alienware)

Alienware Gaming LaptopA high-performance laptop is usually very appreciated by tech guys because, it gets frustrating to be operating a crashing laptop with low performance, and therefore, if your budget for getting him a gift is above $1000 then an Alienware gaming laptop will be well appreciated.

Either he’s your boyfriend, your father, your brother, or an uncle, it’s still the same thing because this set of humans never get old in their minds.

Available On Amazon

10. Office or Laptop Backpack

16 Business Travel Backpack, Matein Laptop Backpack.jpgIf you still want to win his heart assuming he has everything already, backpacks are never bad to get them. A backpack has numerous uses.

It can be used to put clothes for the gym, outdoor hangouts, laptop bag, or traveling back. He will surely appreciate this.


Available On Amazon

11. Ember Smart Mug with Temperature Controller

ember smart mug Temperature ControlSay no to overheated water for coffee and teas with this high-tech smart mug which uses a mobile app to control the temperature of your tea or coffee.

Being a tech gadget, no tech guy wouldn’t appreciate this awesome gift. It can be controlled using a mobile App to keep the temperature of your coffee to the exact temperature that you want.


Available On Amazon

12. Apple Watch Series 6

Apple watch series 6The new apple watch series 6 is loved by everybody. Of course, who doesn’t love to feel important wearing something good and expensive?

Tech guys are the highest patronizers of Apple products and the series 6 watch is not an exception of the loved products. He’s definitely going to appreciate you so well when you gift him this beautiful gift.


Available On Amazon

13. Muchenghy Insulated Tumbler

24 MUCHENGHY 20oz Insulated Tumbler.jpgThe tumbler is good for storing any beverage such as wine, beer, water, juice, cocktails, Coffee, champagne; It can be used at home, office, pools, hot tubs, the beach, or anywhere. These are high-quality insulated tumblers.

And if you can’t afford the Ember Smart Mug with Temperature Controller, this becomes an alternative option.

Available On Amazon

14. Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

philips sonicare toothbrushThis is another semi high tech product for the perfect gift idea for a tech guy who believes he has everything.

With rechargeable functionality, it removes germs and plagues up to seven times faster than the manual toothbrush. It makes a perfect gift idea for tech guys.


Available On Amazon

15. JBL GO2 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL SpeakerJBL is known for its original speakers and light to weigh high-performance Bluetooth speakers and the GO2 speaker is another top choice when it comes to gifting your tech guy.

It can be used indoor for movie streaming with smartphones or outdoor hangouts, especially at the beach.

Available On Amazon

16. BoostIQ RoboVac Robot Vacuum Cleaner

BoostIQ RoboVac Robot Vacuum CleanerClearing up with daily tasks that have to do with technology can be very stressful. The time, therefore, to keep the house clean can be very tiny and with a BoostIQ RoboVac vacuum cleaner, any tech guy can keep their home or offices cleaned from specks of dust and germs without handling any piece of cleaning equipment.

The good news is that this very tech gadget can be automated, scheduled, and function without the user’s supervision or operation.

Available On Amazon

17. LEVOIT Air Purifier

Levoit Air PurifierThis is another mind-blowing tech gift idea for your tech guy and every tech guy is sure going to love this one.

This is a mid-tech gadget for tech guys. It avoids using UV/Ion light, an air cleaning method that research has shown can produce harmful ozone and secondary pollution


Available On Amazon


18. M3 Naturals Anti Cellulite Massage Oil

Massaging oilIf you want to gift a personalized gift that would come at the very point of need to him, then the M3 massaging oil comes in handily.

Having a long and hectic day as a tech guy, it could only be better with a soft gentle massage from your partner and this oil will forever be remembered as a gift whenever it is been used especially when it’s coming from a girlfriend or wife.


Available On Amazon

19. Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot Electric Pressure cookerWith the instant pot, you can control cooking from any mobile device, maintain a healthy cooking home, An all in one tool that replaces up to 8 kitchen appliances including pressure cooker, steam, Saute/searing, cake maker, yogurt maker, rice, and porridge cooker, slow cooker and most importantly, it keeps warm anything.

Available On Amazon

20. Bose Quiet Comfort

Bose wireless bluetooth headphonesAs a tech guru who’s always comfortable being on the computer or doing tech activities, music is always found very relaxing and comfortable when trying to complete some tasks.

This headset is wireless Bluetooth Headphones and has an advanced Noise-Cancelling effect which also comes with Alexa voice control.

Available On Amazon

21. Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

garmin pay vivoactive smartwatchWith the Garmin Pay solution, the Vivoactive 3 smartwatch can be used to make contactless payments for anything with almost all the banks in America supporting this payment solution.

And either you’re just jugging or coming back from a gym, you can easily grab a cup of coffee in the nearest coffee shop and pay almost in seconds without any contact. This is very important mostly during this time of social distancing.


Available On Amazon

22. Logitech Pro HD Webcam

logitech webcamA webcam is a very handy tech-savvy gift item for almost everybody but most importantly for a tech guy who’s always with the computer.

It’s easy to feel lazy to buying a webcam especially for the fact that most new generational computers come with webcams but yet, these webcams are not as clear as an external webcam which can also be used for screen recordings, live meetings, and webinars, etc.

Available On Amazon

23. Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector

Nebula capsule wifi projectorProjectors have sleek uses that appeal to different purposes. If you’re a video recorder, it can be used to project video scripts to the wall while you read and like you’re looking directly at the camera.

It makes a perfect gift idea for a tech-savvy guy who might believe he has everything in his life. It can also be used to stream movies on a larger screen during family dinner or hang out in form of cinema even with a smartphone.

Available On Amazon

24. Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic

Yeti nano premiumEither your tech guy loves to play games or stream live to his fans on Facebook, loves making YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook live stream or he loves to podcast, then the Yeti Nano is a good choice of gift item to gift him.


Available On Amazon

24. Metro Travel Umbrella with Wind Resistant

Water resistant umbrellaDoes your recipient loves to travel, does he loves hanging out at the beach or is he an outdoor person in general? Then the Metro traveling umbrella is comfortable to gift him.

It can be very useful during rainy seasons and effectively resist heavy wind and still protect him from getting wet in the rain.

Available On Amazon

25. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

https://amzn.to/2LAtjLeIt’s high time we talk about other tech gadgets other than electronics. With the iFixit toolkit, you’ve opened an office for a tech guy because it comes with all the tools he needs to repair computers, smartphones, and other electronic tools.

It’s an all-in-one gift idea for a tech guy to motivate and influence him into doing more of his job if he’s already a repairer.

Available On Amazon

26. Apple MacBook Air with Apple M1 Chip

Apple Macbook AirIf your recipient is a lover of Apple products, then a watch, smartphone, and laptop are all likely to be Apple products and this makes Apple be a good choice of gift idea to give to a tech-savvy guy.


Available On Amazon

27. CORSAIR Glaive RGB Gaming Mouse

https://amzn.to/38p52kbA gaming mouse isn’t just for gaming but can also be used for other functions. It is highly recommended for its functions and speeds in performance.

It can be used to play any game with all the functions a juice stick has that make it possible to play the game on the computer effortlessly.


Available On Amazon

28. Photo Studio Box with LED Light

Most tech guys are either educators or just fun YouTube creators and supporting them with tech-related gift ideas will go a long way to prove your intentions and the foldable photo studio box is another perfect option for a tech guy.

This amazing gadget is perfect especially for an eCommerce business to take product photos and can also be used to make product reviews on YouTube.

Available On Amazo

29. The Live Event Camera

https://amzn.to/2Xl61LRIf your tech guy recipient is the type that does much of live events especially now that work has become virtual, then the Mevo Plus streaming camera becomes a necessary gift idea.

It can stream in up to 1080p and also record in up to 4k in Livestream. Most importantly, it is well compatible with your smartphone including iOS and Android operating systems.


Available On Amazon

30. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

fitbit versa smartwatchWatches are always very good gift ideas for everyone and tech guys are mostly seen with them and they are well vetted to be top gift ideas for tech guys.

This smartwatch helps in tracking everyday activities including heart rates, sleep et all. It’s a smart gift indeed for a tech guy.


Available On Amazon

31. Epson Cinema Home Theater Projector

epson home cinemaThe Epson home theater projector is perfectly enhanced with 4k streaming effects to scale even HD videos to a higher resolution using 4k technologies.

It’s a good choice of a gift idea to gift to a tech guy who thinks he has everything.

Available On Amazon

32. GPS Navigation for Car Truck

GPS Navigation for Car TruckThis device comes with the latest map with a touchscreen and can be used for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles for easy roads and street navigation.

Its authentic features make it more useful and handy when working on sites with voice navigation guidance and speed limit warning.

Available On Amazon

33. Bushnell Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser RangefinderAll tech guys are most likely to be fans of sporting activities and if he’s a golf lover then the Bushel Pro Golf laser rangefinder is very important to him and he will really appreciate receiving such an amazing gift from you.



Available On Amazon

34. Solo – Wireless Music System with Internet Radio

This is another fantastic lifestyle gift idea for a tech guy that will be well appreciated. Its multiple features allow it to connect to the internet and play music online, stream Spotify, and other internet radio stations worldwide.

It can be connected to Wi-Fi and also connect to Bluetooth easily.

Available On Amazon

35. Aluminum Camera Tripod Monopod

aluminium camera tripodTripod is a very vital tool for everyone especially those that create online courses, videos for YouTube, and product reviews, and all these mentioned social activities are mostly carried out by tech guys and it makes the tripod stand as a good choice gift idea for him.

With its 360 degrees rotation, the crew can stand in one place and film multiple scenes of an event.


Available On Amazon

36. Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in

Sonos oneYour recipient will love this high-tech speaker that is perfectly built-in with Amazon Alexa. It supports multiple integrations making it a life-saving opportunity to control it with your voice-powered by Alexa by Amazon.



Available On Amazon

37. Canon EOS Rebel T7i 

Canon EOS Rebel T7i Canon cameras are some of the best digital cameras out there and gifting it will be very thoughtful of you especially when it is been given to a tech guy who loves to take pictures of events, nature, and perhaps who’s into the stock photos business.


Available On Amazon

38. Garmin Approach S10 GPS Golf Watch

Garmin approach golf watchAll tech guys are most likely to be fans of sporting activities and if he’s a golf lover then the Garmin Approach S10 GPS Golf Watch is very important to him and he will really appreciate receiving such an amazing gift from you.

Unlike other watches, this one is made specifically for golfers and the screen can be viewed even under the sun without stressing the eyes.

Available On Amazon

39. Apple iPad Pro

iPad ProIf your recipient is a lover of Apple products, then his watch, smartphone, and laptop are all likely to be Apple products and this makes Apple be a good choice of gift idea to give to a tech-savvy guy.

The iPad Pro has a lot of functions and can be put to multiple uses.

Available On Amazon

40. Canon PIXMA TS9520 All In One Wireless Printer For Home or Office

PrintersThis is one of the cheapest printer gifts in the market with this set of qualities it portrayed and your recipient is sure going to love this gift idea so much because tech guys always prints and this will save him the stress of going to a cybercafe or leaking of information while at the cafes.


Available On Amazon


In this post, we’ve mention tech cool gifts for guys that they will truly appreciate. The list is based on our deep research and as well as a survey carried out to top tech guys which they all mention according to their preferences best tech gifts in 2021 and above are all the gifts for tech lovers either a dad or a tech gifts for men who have everything.


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