Gift basket ideas for men

The Best Gift Basket Ideas For Men On All Occasions – Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

The lucky man in your life deserves everything from you and so you are searching for unique fun gift baskets for him – there shouldn’t be any compromise about it “if” or “if not”. No matter whom you’re shopping for be it husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, uncle, or boss at the office or mentor, these gift baskets would still serve the same purpose. There’s a gift basket for everyone on this shipping list that will fit every personality and every occasion (starting from as low as $20). Regardless of whether you’re shopping for gift basket ideas for men’s birthdays, Christmas, holidays, or just any moment that is worth celebrating, browse through these gift ideas and wow them. There’s no need to start thinking of good ideas for men’s gift baskets.

These gifts are very thoughtful naturally looking at them irrespective of the occasion and some are very personalized gifts while some are last-minute gift ideas for him. Mostly, men are not usually on the receiving end. But a good man in your life deserves everything you could think of getting from him. Most of our users have preferred food gift basket ideas for men than flowers since flowers would eventually die off but food baskets are consumed and enjoyed in real life.

So, this post is going to cover all the homemade gift basket ideas for men in your life mostly prepared and delivered by our affiliate partners, GourmetGiftBaskets and We also made sure to throw in some romantic types of gifts too in the list to inspire the giant lucky man in your life with a more romantic and personalized gift basket.

Gift Basket Ideas For Men’s Birthdays

Looking for cool and thoughtful gifts for your special someone on his Day? Look no further. These Gift Basket Ideas For Men’s Birthdays are sure to please and inspire the recipient. From classics like a teddy, card, or phone case to more unusual items like shaving kits, liquor boxes, or even massage equipment, these gifts are sure to make the day less hectic and more memorable.

1. Premium Happy Hour Beer Basket

What else could make that special man in your life feel special on his birthday than this well-packaged gift basket that would make him remember every good moment you’ve both shared.

If he’s a beer lover it makes it more personalized for him to share it with his friends on his birthday. It’s also a last-minute gift idea for fathers day. You can give him on his birthday, special events or just to say how much you care.

$169.99 On GourmetGiftBaskets

2. Assorted Birthday Care Package

Looking at the contents of this birthday gift basket package, it’s full enough to optimize feelings. The man in your life will truly appreciate this care package filled with consumables.

Like it is rightfully said, the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach then you’d be spoiling him with this special happy birthday basket. The basket is designed with an executive-style wooden cage and well packed. It makes good food gift basket ideas for men.

$59.99 On GourmetGiftBaskets

3. Bonnie & Pop- Nut Gift Basket

bonnie and popThis is truly something special for a dad on his birthday to say how lucky you are to have him as a dad, husband, friend, uncle, or even a boss. These bonnie & pop contents are a full package of love towards your special man.

It’s packaged in a reusable wooden crate that can be used for other purposes after this. If you’re looking for a sympathy gift basket, birthday gift basket, Christmas, or any gift basket idea for Easter then this is what you’ll want to get for him.

$34.99 On Amazon

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas For Men

Christmas is a season of love and celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ the son of God and every moment of it deserves to make someone feel love. And these gift baskets are an example of spreading the love during Christmas to a lucky man in your life.

4. Fresh Fruit Gift Basket

gift basketIf you’re looking for a gift basket that truly resonates with the season of the Christmas holidays, then this basket is what you should be thinking of gifting your lovely dad, husband, or friend. In the spirit of love, this basket can be used for different purposes with text encrypted boldly significantly to represent the occasion.

It can be used for all occasions including easter, birthdays, general holidays, sympathy gift ideas, corporate gift basket ideas et all.

$38 On Amazon

5. Deluxe Gourmet Meat And Cheese Sampler

Again this basket is out of the box another recommended Christmas holiday gift basket idea to surprise the super dad, husband, and man of the house. He’ll chew all day long making him remember every moment of it whenever he thinks of this beautiful gift.

$59.99 On GourmetGiftBasket

6. Nut Gift Basket

Nut Gift Basket + Green RibbonWhen looking for a gift basket that combines healthy foods and fun gifts this gift package makes a total representation of a personalized gift.

The healthy fruits combined in a green ribbon pack are good enough to get your dad or husband emotionally excited.

$27.95 On Amazon

Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas For Him

When the loss of a loved one is particularly devastating, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the thought of contributing to the greater good. In order to process this grief and resolve to do something positive in the future, it’s helpful to have some perspective on how best to honor the memory. To do that, sympathy gift ideas are your solution. This section will help you select the best sympathy gift basket ideas for your loved ones.

7. Wine Country Sympathy Gift Basket

 Wine Country Gift Baskets Sympathy Gift BasketThis is exactly the best gift to take along when visiting a sick person or a relative who has lost someone or something important to them.

This gift basket comprises different assortments ranging from crackers, dips, and an assortment of sweets. You wouldn’t want to visit the bereaved empty-handed because this gift will cheer anyone up instantly.

$49.95 On Amazon

8. Sympathy Gift Basket For Loss Of Family Member

Losing someone is a very difficult time in anyone’s life. It’s a moment no one wants to be in but then, it happens and sometimes unexpected. It can happen anytime without notification.

It’s not okay to say sorry on the phone and that’s it. It’s too difficult to watch the one you loved go away and leave you and that’s why this packaged basket comes in handy as the best sympathy gift idea to cheer your dad, uncle, friend, or any man in your life up to when they lose someone or something important to them.

$125 On Amazon

9. Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket

Saying Sorry isn’t just about saying it with your mouth but it can be felt from how you present your gift and depending on how close the man in your life is and how important you think he is to you then this is another important gift basket for him.

It’s a little bit pricey but every piece of it and the package worth the penny because he’s going to love it when received from you.

$249.99 On GourmetGiftBaskets

Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas For Him

Father’s day is approaching fast and only a few days left until he gets home from work. You know what that means, though. It’s time for kid-sized gifts and whatnot! Nothing says “I’m grateful” like a simple wooden box filled with toys, games, clothes, and trinkets. This Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas For Men section will help you narrow down your choices and deliver a nicely delivered gift to your chosen Father.

10. Almond Roca Gift Basket

Now, it’s finally fathers day and you’re stuck in your head what to give your hubby this year. Perhaps last year was a little bit boring and he didn’t like the boxers you got him on fathers day or it was a date you had rather than a packaged gift and this year you’re all out to surprise him and yet you’re stuck.

Then this basket has solved another big problem for you because it can now be delivered to your loved one’s doorsteps.

$75 On Amazon

11. Fathers Day Prime Arrangement Platter

Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Basket, Black Tower + Ribbon (12 Piece Assortment) - Fathers Day Prime Arrangement Platter, Birthday Care Package Variety, Healthy Food Kosher Snack Box for Mom, Women, MenThis black tower father’s day gift basket is a joy giver for every man who’s fortunate enough to receive it from his receiver. It contains 12 signature delicious nuts & dried fruits.

The contents are what made it more spectacular joined with its assortment design pattern. It contains Almonds, Walnuts, Dried Papaya, Dried Pears, and Dried Peaches, Cashews, Honey-Glazed Peanuts, Brazil Nuts, Pistachios, Honey Glazed Pecans, Dried Cranberries, Dried Kiwis.

$45.95 On Amazon

12. Moët Champagne & Chocolate Pairing

Daddy would definitely love to have something presentable during father’s day and you’re the one person who’s qualified enough to make him special on a day that the whole world set aside to celebrate him for the awesome man that he is and there couldn’t have been any better gift than this Champagne and Chocolate gift basket to cheer him up on this day.

$149.95 On Amazon

Appreciation Gift Basket Ideas For Him

As a woman, it might be hard to buy gifts for our special guys. If your boyfriend or husband has everything or is extremely picky, here are some suggestions of appreciation gift basket ideas for him

13. Amazon Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan

Daddy loves to read right? Then you don’t let him buy that book again. Gift him an unlimited membership on the popular Amazon kindle store and he’ll have unlimited access to an unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks that are published daily on the kindle store, unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks that can be accessed on any devices including apple, windows, and Android operating systems.

Kindle Unlimited comes in different duration plans ranging from 6 months, 12 and 24-month membership plans. How lucky will he feel again to have you after receiving this?

Start 30 Days Free Trial

14. Chocolate Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket

Man Gift Box | Fun Outdoor Men GiftsWhat if you just have to appreciate him for the special nights spent together? The wonderful love he’s shown you as a wife, mother, or child?

You can return your appreciation in a more presentable manner with this beautiful appreciation “you are the man” gift basket.

$52.95 On Amazon

15. Golden State Thank You Fruit Basket with Cheese and Nuts

Golden State Fruit Thank You Fruit Basket with Cheese and NutsYou can now say “Thank You” with this variation of the most popular fruit basket that comes with a white and gold foil Thank You ribbon. There’s no need to keep searching over and over again and not know what to present to your man.

$45.38 On Amazon



Here we’ve shared a different selection of gift baskets to gift to any man in your life on all occasions. Either you’re looking for sympathy gift basket ideas, Christmas, Birthday, or Father’s day gift basket ideas for him, this post has got you covered.

If you want to let the special man in your life know that you love him, just pick out one of these appreciation gift baskets for him. Finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend is a pleasure. He’s the man in your life who will always be loyal, always support you, and be willing to open his heart to you.